Boom Beach Hack

The Boom Beach Hack FAQ

Why only diamonds?

Diamonds are the ultimate currency in Boom Beach, if you have diamonds you can use them instead of gold, wood, stone, iron, waiting time... To be honest we tried making a gold hack but, we failed since everything is verified with the server and with diamonds we can simulate the verification and credit the diamonds to your acount.

Why I can not get more than 14.000 diamonds?

You might have noticed that the 14.000 diamonds hack has the same number of diamonds as the "Crate of diamonds" available via in-app purchases. You make the link... More on spotting fake hacks here!

Which platforms the hack supports?

Currently the Boom Beach hack is available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). If other platforms are made available from the game developer we will try to do our best to include them.

Is it safe to use?

We have tested it over and over and we are using it ourselves every day. We all have high level accounts in the game that took a lot of time to build up to that level. The hack is fully undetectable and will not get your account banned. But if you are planning on using it 100 times per day, well.... what can we say, you are on your own.

I need some Boom Beach training

OK, you've got your diamonds and already upgraded your base and troops. You still need to attack, right, but when you do you fail to conquer the islands or you loose too much troops. If you don't like getting your ass kicked, SocialCheats have some great Boom Beach tutorials for you. Get the latest tips on how to defeat different enemy bases, Dr. Terror and other must know tips.