Boom Beach Hack

How to Spot Fake Boom Beach Hacks

The main most obvious fail when it comes to generating free Boom Beach diamonds that can be safely credited to your account is the maximum number of diamonds. Anything over 14.000 can not be credited to your account simple due to the fact that the Boom Beach game servers will not accept it.

Also any hack that offers you to enter a custom ammount of diamonds is fake. There are only 5 allowed values linked with a complicated verification process that can not be done easely.

Fake Boom Beach Hack Example 2

Fake Boom Beach Hack Example 3

Fake Boom Beach Hack Example 4

As you can see from the examples above, it is very easy to spot the fake hacks promised on different shady websites. Using such tools that generate "unlimited diamonds" or any amount you enter in the fields is risky and even if you succeed to get the diamonds, you are putting your account at risk.

Do not give your private information

If you are asked for anything else, except your Boom Beach username in order to credit the diamonds to your account, something is not right. By no means do not give anyone the Google account password, Facebook password or your email address. We have seen some tools even asking you for your SSN or your phone IMEI. Why on earth would they need that info?

So, our advice is to be very careful, with your personal information. If you decide not to use our Boom Beach diamonds hack and go with some other provider, it is OK, but please remember our advice on how to stay safe when using these hack tools.