ls Deutscher Staatsangehöriger benötigst du für die Einreise nach Sri Lanka ein Sri Lanka Visum. If you are a German citizen, you need a Sri Lanka visa to enter Sri Lanka. Where and how you apply for your tourist visa for Sri Lanka, I show you in this step by step guide . To enter Sri Lanka you need the following documents:

  • Passport (at least 6 months valid on entry)
  • visa
  • Tourist card, which you get on the plane

Where do I apply for my Sri Lanka visa?

To enter Sri Lanka, you must apply for a visa. The fastest and easiest way to do this online is via the so-called Electronic Travel Authorization, ETA for short. The official place to apply for a tourist visa for Sri Lanka is the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Sri Lanka. Please use the following website for your visa application:

ATTENTION: please make sure that you have landed on this official site. Unfortunately, there are many fraud websites that collect money from unsuspecting tourists with visa applications (generally applicable to many countries). If you are unsure, type the above address into your browser line. Also be careful when you google. Applying for a visa for Sri Lanka is very easy online and you made it in 10 minutes with this guide.

You can also apply for a tourist visa at the Embassy of Sri Lanka . But you have to appear in person (addresses below). Information on this can be found on the website of the Embassy of Sri Lanka .

Is there also a Sri Lanka visa on arrival?

For Sri Lanka, there is also a visa on arrival, which means that you can apply for the visa upon arrival at Colombo International Airport . The preferred variant is the online visa / ETA.

On arrival you have to adjust to longer waiting times and the visa costs instead of 35 USD 40 USD (which is not the world now). You can also pay in cash and Euros. Get paid change in rupees.

How much does a Sri Lanka visa cost?


UPDATE September 2019:

After the terrorist attacks of Easter 2019, the government of Sri Lanka eased visa requirements. Since August 2019 you get the visa toll free. For the time being, however, this rule only applies for 6 months.


The ETA Sri Lanka visa for adults is 35 USD (usually before August 2019)

Children under 12 years are free of charge.

You can only pay by credit card (Visa or American Express). It may be incurred foreign fees. Save it with the DKB credit card, which allows you to pay for free and withdraw cash free of charge. Info here:

The visa on arrival costs 40 USD .

What documents do I need for my Sri Lanka visa application?

  • passport
  • Flight confirmation (flight number not required, but useful)
  • Hotel name / address

How long is the Sri Lanka visa valid?

A tourist visa is usually valid for 30 days and entitles you to travel to Sri Lanka twice.

When is the best time to apply for a Sri Lanka visa?

The validity of the visa starts with the entry for regular 30 days.

It is best to apply for the ETA Sri Lanka visa one week prior to entry .

If you do it one day before entry, it should work too, because usually you will receive it at the latest 24 hours after your application.

3 months before entry makes no sense whatsoever.

At the Embassy, you must appear in person at least 2 weeks prior to arrival .

If you want to get the visa by post at the embassy , you must send in all the necessary documents five weeks in advance.

What if I want to stay longer in Sri Lanka?

With the normal tourist visa you can stay for 30 days and enter twice. If you wish to stay longer, you must already apply for a 90-day visa before your departure or first entry.

You can only apply for the visa for 90 days at the Embassy of Sri Lanka. It costs 57 euros for single entry and 82 euros for two entries.

Step by step instructions: Sri Lanka visa ETA

  1. Application: Accept Terms of Conditions

If you are on the official website of the Sri Lanka Immigration Office, click on the Request tab. The terms of conditions appear:

You can get the terms of conditions translated or you can copy everything into the super translation engine and let it translate.

  • Click on I agree .

2. Select tourist visa

After accepting the conditions, you will choose your visa. Usually you are a tourist and apply for the visa for you.

  • Choose Tourist ETA for an Individual.

3. Fill in the form

Now you have to fill out the application form. For this you need the following information / documents:

  • passport number
  • Flight number (optional)
  • Address of the first hotel


  • enter all names as stated in your passport
  • Pay attention to the correct spelling
  • pay attention to the difference of zero 0 and oh o
  • check all the information three times

The Foreign Office writes that the local authorities are very strict here, if information is wrong, you have to issue a new visa on the spot, of course for a renewed fee.

4. Pay for Sri Lanka visa

Next you will be redirected to another page (which I thought was a bit strange). Here you have to pay the visa fee with your credit card. You will receive a security code in your online banking that you can use to complete the payment process. If everything is ok, you will receive the confirmation that the application has been received. Usually you will receive your Visa Approval by e-mail within 24 hours . Make a screenshot of the confirmation and / or print it out.

  • Enter credit card information
  • Enter security code
  • Complete the payment process.
  • Print confirmation

5. Print out the visa application / ETA and take it with you

You will receive your Visa Approval (ETA Approval Notice) by e-mail within 24 hours of submitting your application (so make sure your e-mail address is spelled correctly). For me, the e-mail ended up in the spam folder, so check your spam. I did not realize that until the next day because I was wondering that I did not get anything, then I saw that I received the email exactly five minutes after the application.

If you have not received an ETA Approval Notice in the Spam folder, you can check your status with your Reference Number (if you receive it after the payment process - therefore print the page).

My conclusion to the ETA visa for Sri Lanka:

Honestly, I was very suspicious of applying for the visa through this online site because the site did not seem very trustworthy to me (no https encryption and this is now mandatory when entering credit card information in the euro area). Also, that the approval landed in the spam folder, does not speak just for the trustworthiness of the website. But there is almost nothing left but to do it. Whether tour operator, travel guide, embassy of Sri Lanka or Foreign Office - all recommend this process. I therefore recommend that you carefully check the debits on the credit card statement account (you should always do this anyway). If you want to be on the safe side, there is the possibility to apply to a German visa service, here you have some advantages and the fees are not too high, a recommendation here I have written down, see below:

Address of the Embassy of Sri Lanka

Here you can apply for your visa by personal appearance:

Embassy Sri Lanka

Niklasstr. 19

14163 Berlin

Consulate General of Sri Lanka

Lyoner Street 34

60528 Frankfurt a. M.

Reliable information on travel and security in Sri Lanka is issued by the Federal Foreign Office .

Applying for a visa from a visa service provider

If all this is too complicated for you and you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong with your entry and visa application, you can also hire a visa service provider. These visa service providers will take over the formality for you for a small fee, check your information for accuracy and completeness and are available with help and advice, should you have individual questions about your stay in Sri Lanka or eg an extension of the visa. In addition, they offer information in German and you can safely pay through the following page, even have several payment options to choose from and do not have (as I am suspicious, because the official website of the embassy in Sri Lanka is not encrypted https and thus theoretically Credit card data can be easily spied on). You can find such a visa provider here (advertising):

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Note: This article is based on my personal experience. I have endeavored to present all information pertinently, correctly and completely. But I can not guarantee accuracy and timeliness nor answer detailed individual questions about visa applications, this can only be the message of Sri Lanka.

As of: January 2019

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