aus in die Natur! R out into nature! - that's my motto for this month. There is nothing better than exploring the beauty of nature and the landscape, breathing fresh air, moving a bit and feeling great afterwards. Hiking is not stale at all, but again full of the trend among young and old. I know a lot of young people who go hiking regularly and go on really strenuous tours. But also for all occasional walkers (that's me) and walkers: hiking is much more fun with the right hiking clothes hiking equipment. Out of the office, out of town and into the woods and fields! No matter if you are more of a walker or a trekking specialist who does not shy away from altitude or via ferrata, here you will find everything you need to hike. From hiking gear to the right hiking gear for all weather conditions. I'll also tell you what you should pay attention to when buying hiking boots and give you my personal recommendations on the way. As an outdoor lover, you should definitely have the following hiking clothes hiking gear with you:

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The perfect hiking clothes - my style guide for your hiking outfit

Hiking clothes: the right hiking boots or hiking boots

The top priority when hiking, of course, the right shoes. You do not believe how much good footwear can make. Walking in the wrong shoes will not be fun for you and you probably will not get very far with it. Of course there are different soles for every terrain. If you're more of a leveler, sometimes even simple sneakers or sneakers are enough. If you also hike over hill and dale, off the tarred roads, field and forest trails, then maybe more demands on the right shoes will be necessary. My rule of thumb for the right hiking shoe therefore:

The right hiking shoe for every way

paved paths: sports shoes, sneakers (cat. A)

Country lanes, forest trails: hiking boots (cat. A / B)

Felsuntergrund, Via Ferrata: Hiking Boots (Cat. B)

In principle, the soles of the hiking boots are divided into four categories:

A - city ​​roads, paved paths, simple flat forest roads

B - uneven terrain, hiking off the beaten track, alpine terrain, (mountain trails)

C - high mountains, the sole is stronger and thicker, the shoes heavier than in cat. B

D - extreme high mountains, paths with crampons

  • For most hikers and outdoor freaks, hiking boots with an A / B sole are best. The soles of Cat. C are very heavy and are only suitable in high mountains. Category D is already something for extreme mountaineers.

What is the difference between hiking boots and hiking boots?

Walking boots go all the way to the ankle, while hiking boots encircle the ankle for better support. When hiking I find that very important, the ground is often different and good grip in the shoe supports walking tremendously. In addition, hiking boots protect the ankles, which is especially necessary if you are traveling in alpine space or in German low mountain ranges. Should you ever slip, you have more grip and better protection for the ankle in the foot. With hiking boots you can not bend over as fast as with hiking boots. That's why I personally prefer hiking boots in every terrain. But that's also a bit of a matter of taste, because hiking boots are also a bit lighter and more airy.

What should you look for when buying hiking boots?

  • buy the shoes in the evening, then your feet are thicker and more swollen.
  • when fitting: go also a small slope or climb and try how the foot behaves in the shoe
  • Buy one size bigger to fit the foot, but it should not slip
  • I did not have to put my shoes in, they were fine from the beginning, but it is recommended

Hiking boots - an investment that pays!

I always thought, oh hiking boots - I do not need that! But on a press trip they were once prescribed and I bought my hiking boots. Now I do not want to miss her anymore! I even carry them halfway around the world, although they are quite heavy, but on hikes, they are just indispensable and in South Africa I was more than happy to have them with me. You just walk a lot, a lot better with it, especially if you're on unpaved roads, which is quite often the case abroad. In addition, you can wear hiking boots for years.

Personally, I am very satisfied with my hiking boots from Meindl. Also good are those of Lowa. They have a nice suede surface, which makes them a bit ladylike. I do not think that's so colorful or colorful plastic boots. The suede is a bit more maintenance-intensive, but you have to wash off the shoes anyway after the hike, so the mM is jumped as jumped. Simply impregnate and it's good!

Wanderkleidung Must-have 2: No hike without hiking socks!

Good hiking socks are definitely part of the right hiking clothes. They may not be sexy, but comfortable! Even in summer you should use good hiking socks, because they prevent friction and thus blistering! I think the hiking socks by Falke are great.

Hiking clothes Must-have 3: windbreaker and rain jacket

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To round off your hiking outfit, the right hiking clothes include a windbreaker or rain jacket. I bought the wind and rain jacket from Jack Wolfskin. However, I have to say that I am not so happy with it. First, the zipper is always chopping. And second, it is not so long water repellent. In a heavy rain in Swaziland, I got wet very quickly to the skin. Jack Wolfskin's jacket really failed, I should have listened to the shop assistant and bought me one with a better surface, like North Face's.

Hiking clothes Must-have 4: hiking pants or trekking pants

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Under hiking clothes also the typical hiking pants fall. Depending on the hike, depending on terrain, landscape or region, it makes sense to wear hiking pants or trekking pants. They are usually more comfortable to wear, especially when you are moving, so provide comfort on knees and joints, through light seams. In addition, they are often breathable and comfortable to wear, especially during physical exertion such as sports and functional wear, as they allow sweat to pass easily and dry faster. This is good in summer. In this country, I usually wear a normal pants like jeans or a pair of shorts. Some just wear leggings. In the bush of Africa, I carry these trekking pants next to my hiking boots, it fulfills the purpose that it is very light and repels mosquitoes since it is impregnated. In addition, you can separate the pant legs, if it is too warm, which often occurs in Africa: cold in the morning, hot at noon. Trekking pants also better water, in case it should rain in between.

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Hiking equipment: hiking backpack

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A hiking backpack should be light. He should not be sensitive to dirt and water. It is best water repellent. Since I am a fair weather hiker, I use my allrounder backpack. But that is not so optimal, you sweat on the back and he is too heavy and not water repellent. Should you go on longer tours, I would definitely buy a good light backpack.

Hiking equipment: drinking bottle

A practical drinking bottle made of stainless steel has the advantage that you can use it again and again. Hot and cold drinks stay that way and the bottles are often light and with holders so you can tie them down. Also more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles.

Hiking equipment: first aid kit

Quick one has slipped while hiking times and there is a plaster already helpful. I have also experienced that first-aid kits are needed to mend shoelaces or broken soles on cheap shoes. So it can not hurt to always have a first aid kit with you when hiking. Plasters, disinfectant spray and scissors are definitely included!

The best apps for hiking

There are probably many more and better apps to track its activities or to find and plan beautiful walking routes. I definitely like to use the following apps:


With the app you can plan hiking and cycling routes. Not only do you get suggestions for walking routes in your area, you can also record the trails, track them and even have them announced via GPS voice navigation. A region is at your disposal free of charge. I think the app is very useful, even if the GPS voice navigation does not always like what I would like ;-)

Outdoor Active

You can also plan and track hiking routes and bicycle tours with Outdooractive, but without voice navigation. In the clear presentation you can quickly find suitable tours in your area.


Runtastic is more of a sports app for tracking your activities. Here you can eg save your tours and then see how many kilometers, meters and calories you have consumed. Is suitable for the most diverse activities and I find quite useful.

Regions apps

check if there are regional apps suitable for your region. Often, the tourism offices also give out great apps. I can recommend there as the route planner of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse.

So, now you should be well prepared for your walks. And if you still need inspiration, have a look at my most beautiful hiking tours (Dolce vita - active - hiking). Have fun with your hiking tours!

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