Trinidad - the colonial queen of Cuba

Trinidad. Sugarcane plantations, green fields as far as the eye can see and soft salsa sounds in the ear. It took four hours to travel from Havana to the south of Trinidad. I did not get tired looking out the window, small huts, sometimes colorful and with front yard, sometimes rather sparse, lined the wayside, now and then a horse cart trotted past us, stood a cow in a field or marched past schoolchildren. Outside, the heat muffled. At a break, we held our feet in a sugar cane field, peasants stared at us suspiciously as they drove past us in their horse-drawn carriages to come home, as the melting sun sank red-golden over the expanse of fields in the middle of the Cuban pampas , The green valleys in Cuba are beautiful to look at.

On the way to Trinidad through sugarcane fields

Trinidad: "This is Cuba, lady!"

Towards evening we were in Trinidad. Due to overbooking we were quartered in the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. Already at the checkin (which lasted forever), I said, it looks like a jail, if the feeling, that you do not want to stay here, already in the lobby begins, then this is not a good sign. I had landed in the middle of socialist Cuba and from then on I realized what that meant: "this is Cuba, lady", it was just snippy at the reception. Eastern European divas marched in silvery sequined dress to the restaurant, where, as I later discovered, nothing was edible. We just stopped the night because we poured ourselves at the bar with so much rum until we did not see the surroundings anymore. Cuba Libre! I staggered into my bed, my clothes somehow flying uncontrollably through the socialist bunker. The rum was the best in the whole hotel and this experience brought it into the book of memorable adventures that were somehow sappy. Unfortunately, the memory of Trinidad is also directly related to this evening, because the next morning, all of us were pretty much beside the track and dragged with all their strength through the historic Trinidad. The strange thing was that this experience of the socialist snippy "this is Cuba!" Was far from matching this historic backdrop of the UNESCO World Heritage City. Why only this socialist bunker had to affect the following pictures so much? Or, in other words, why did socialism mess me up the beautiful Cuba?

scorching heat in the colonial old town of Trinidad

The sun stabbed mercilessly from the sky as I sipped my cork sandals over the stony pavement of the old town. The peasants on their horse carts gave me stare. Trinidad is said to be the most beautiful city in Cuba, full of magnificent colonial buildings, but I had my teething troubles here. Everywhere one was begged, always the same souvenirs of scrap and revolutionary jewelery annoyed only.

only the clatter of hooves on the old streets of Trinidad

The colonial splendor of bygone times in Trinidad

Trinidad on the south coast of Cuba belonged to one of the first settlements in the New World, settled here in 1513, the first Spanish settlers, sometime mingled the peoples, Cuba is a single Melting Pot.

Trinidad is colorful wherever you look

We took a look into an old 18th century mansion. A dwelling house of a once rich sugar cane baron, because the area lived here from the sugar cane plantations, which we drove past and at that time slaves worked. In the middle of the 19th century, 7,700 tons of sugar were produced with sweat and tears, Cuba's economic heyday. The city was prosperous, which attracted pirates. A few times the church was looted, but it still stands, offering us the welcome breather, shadows and a few minutes rest.

Trinidad: In the courtyard of an 18th-century manor house, a rich sugar cane family lived here

I tried really hard with Trinidad, but eventually I just needed a solid meal in my stomach after that night. Unfortunately I did not like the food in the restaurant very much, a bit of rice and vegetables, the Creole cuisine is frankly not necessarily mine. Nevertheless, I felt better afterwards and still could recognize the charm of this beautiful colonial city. For example, in the small, colorful houses whose cheerfulness contrasted with the gray and dramatic cloudy sky. The heat and the sun stayed.

I give it to Trinidad, the proud queen colonel in the south, has charm, on the quiet streets in the colonial old town rattle only a few horse hooves and the Cubans are here even more Cuban than in the capital Havana. An ensemble of the Buena Vista Social Club squatted comfortably in the midday heat under a tree and made a good mood, of course it was not a real group, but something like: old gentlemen who make music:

Trinidad - where the Cubans are still Cuban and make music

This seems to me to be the secret of Cuba, no matter how awful its own location seems to be, before nothing works anymore, there is still music going on or let's say it like the snippish receptionist: "this is Cuba, lady", yes that too Cuba, but this Cuba was fun. And although I did not have the eye for it at first, but Trinidad, it's nice folks, it's a Caribbean dream of cream and pastel colors. And yes, the four-hour drive is worthwhile, even if the heat is unbearable, at least after a rumor.

most popular photo opportunity in Trinidad

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