ohin reisen im Herbst? W ohin traveling in the fall? What to do with the last remaining days of the year? I show you in this article the most beautiful autumn destinations for traveling at home , ie in Germany, Europe and the world. You will find out, where it is really beautiful in autumn and for which destination the best travel time is. It doesn't matter if you like nature and outdoor activities in the fall and you are interested in the typical hiking destinations in Germany and Europe , or if you want to extend the summer and look for a destination where it is still warm in autumn and you bathe in the sea can, I have picked out many beautiful destinations here. In the fall, it's also worth the one or the other city ​​trip or a country in which it is now really nice or w o the travel season starts. Take a look and let yourself be inspired by my favorite destinations in autumn:

Autumn travel destinations at home in Germany

Autumn is actually one of my favorite times. Above all, I love the warm, subdued light of the late summer days and the colorful autumn colors that appear in the foliage of the trees and in the colors, the clothes that you are now wearing again. I like the feeling of walking over crunchy foliage and even that the days are getting shorter, the ground cooler and you have to put on thick wool socks in the evening and get a little bit of grooming. I also like autumn food the most: mushrooms, pumpkin, everything with cabbage and dumplings, really typical German or tarte flambée with new wine. In autumn, especially in the months of September and October, you can make many beautiful walks. However, I do not like November in Germany, that's my absolute hate month, because I like to explore the distance.

Autumn Destinations: Saxon Switzerland in Saxony

September: Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxony

Saxon Switzerland in Saxony and parts of the Czech Republic is certainly one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. The absolute highlight for me is the world-famous stone bridge Bastei near Rathen and Bad Schandau in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains . In autumn I find it especially beautiful when the forests turn golden and the light is muffled over the tree apples. The region is perfect for hiking or climbing on the high rock towers of the Elbsandsteingebirge is fun. Otherwise, you can still wonderful with the paddle steamer up and down the Elbe and inspect the beautiful Elbschlösser and a city ​​tour through Dresden - the Elbflorenz is also beautiful in every season.

My travelogues to the region:

Autumn Destinations: Black Forest in Baden-Wuerttemberg

The Black Forest is characterized by beautiful landscapes and great hiking regions . When the trees turn slightly discolored and the golden autumn light gently colors the hills, it is the most beautiful. Whether through canyons and gorges, up the highest mountain in the Black Forest, drive the Feldberg or by boat on Schluchsee and Titisee . In the Black Forest you can still find a piece of home and tradition: cuckoo clocks, Bollenhut and beautiful Black Forest cottage . Of course, a Black Forest cake may not be missing.

My travel reports from the Black Forest:

Autumn Destinations: The Swabian Alb in Baden-Wuerttemberg

MM is underrated after the Swabian Alb and I admit it, I have learned to appreciate the appeal of the region only in recent years. There is so much to discover on the Swabian Alb: magical castles such as Liechtenstein Castle and Hohenzollern Castle, or such unique natural spectacles as the Blautopf, the Urach waterfalls and the many caves on the Swabian Alb , which are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Beautiful is also a road trip through the wild and romantic Danube valley.

My travelogues from the Swabian Alb

Autumn destinations: Chiemsee Alpenland in Bavaria

Photo: Tourism Chiemsee-Alpenland

Recharge the autumn sun in the mountains before the colder winter days come? The Chiemsee Alpenland offers beautiful regions to hike, enjoy mountains or you can look at Castle Herrenchiemsee on the Chiemsee, returns to the Fraueninsel or enjoy a few spa days at the Tatzlwurm - highly recommended!

My travel reports from the region Chiemsee Alpenland

Autumn Destinations: Vintage in Rhineland-Palatinate

Enjoy a glass of new Riesling and look over the vines high above the Rhine or the Moselle ? Nowhere is this more beautiful than in Rhineland-Palatinate. Here you can experience so much, the region is suitable for walks around the Rhine, Eifel or Moselle, for boat trips on the Rhine with its idyllic gorges and the many castles that perch on each hill. Delight lovers will also get their money's worth here.

The most beautiful autumn travel destinations in Europe

If you still want to go on vacation during the autumn holidays and are looking for September travel destinations or October travel destinations within Europe, I have the following tips ready for you. Whether autumn city trips or an outdoor adventure in nature , when once again show the last rays of the late summer days, here you will find in Europe. Would you like to experience sunny destinations by the sea in autumn? This is also possible in Europe, see below.

The most beautiful autumn destinations in Austria

Baroque Old Town Salzburg - View from the Stiegelkeller

Austria is also very beautiful in autumn. Here I can highly recommend a city ​​trip to Salzburg . The birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart offers some beautiful sights in the old town and around it. Here you can go hiking in the mountains. Salzburg is also great for hiking.

Best travel time: September / October

My travel reports from the region around Salzburg

The most beautiful autumn travel destinations in Switzerland

Once you have to experience a cattle drive , when the cows are decorated with pretty flower arrangements and the miners wear their beautiful costumes. It is really rustic in Switzerland in the canton of Graubünden and in Prättigau. In Graubünden, for example, in Splügen there are also beautiful old mountain villages that look like something from another time. great for coming down!

Travel time: the Almabtrieb takes place in October

The most beautiful autumn destinations: A city trip to Luxembourg

Although I was in Luxembourg in the spring, in autumn it is certainly beautiful when the trees in the Alzette Valley or the Petrus Valley shine brightly. Luxembourg City is definitely worth a city trip and not so far away:

Best travel time: September / October

The most beautiful autumn destinations: A city trip to Paris in late summer

Paul and his duck Juliette pick me up at the Gare de l'Est.

Paris is also the best time for a city trip in September. My tip: cruise the streets of Paris with an original duck! With the TGV you can quickly and cheaply come from Germany to Paris, do a shopping spree on the Champs-Eliysees or visit the numerous museums such as the Louvre!

Best time to travel: September

My travel report to Paris

The most beautiful autumn travel destinations in Portugal: A city trip to Lisbon

The light over Lisbon is special. It should be the most beautiful in late summer, in September . I found the town on the Po touristically too crowded, but Lisbon is definitely beautiful and there is much to discover! Maybe you combine the Lisbon city trip with a road trip along the Algarve , then you can still swim in the Atlantic and relax on the beautiful sandy beaches.

Best time to travel: September

Temperature: September to October 26 to 22 degrees

Water temperature: 19 degrees

Here are my Lisbon tips:

The most beautiful autumn destinations in Spain: Canary Islands

Island hopping in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have a mild and sun-drenched climate all year round. So if you are looking for sun in autumn or even late autumn and want to swim in the sea, you are well advised with the Canaries. In addition, the islands offer so much to experience. There is also plenty to do for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Lanzarote impresses with its lunar lava mountains , Gran Canaria has beautiful sand dunes , on Fuerteventura surfers find the best wind conditions, on Tenerife all get their money and with the highest mountain in Spain, the Teide also offers a beautiful national park for hiking. In La Gomera you can walk through cloud forests and watch dolphins and walk in La Palma over volcanic fields and vineyards.

Best time to travel: October, November

Temperatures in October: 25-30 degrees

Water temperature: 23 degrees

My travelogues to the Canary Islands

The most beautiful autumn destinations: Malta Gozo

Also in Malta Gozo the sun shines on over 300 days a year and you can still swim in the sea until late October (possibly also November, December). The capital, Valletta, has a rich history and interesting buildings. English is spoken well here. In Malta's little sister, Gozo, you can hike or climb the cliffs, and scuba diving or cycling is also nice here.

Best time to travel: October

Temperatures in October: 25 to 30 degrees

Water temperature: 23 degrees

My travelogues to Malta Gozo

The most beautiful autumn destinations: Cyprus

Even in Cyprus you can swim in the sea until November and have temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees during the day. Even though the days are getting shorter, it's still nice, because there are fewer tourists on site. There is also plenty to discover in Cyprus. Cyprus has a long history, which especially influenced the Greeks and Romans. In the Archaeological Park of Paphos you can still find the beautiful ancient remains of that time. Beautiful is also the lonely hinterland with its idyllic mountain villages, which you can explore on a bike ride and taste Cypriot wine. Cyprus is a great autumn destination.

Best travel time: October / November

Temperatures October / November 23-30 degrees

My travelogues from Cyprus

The most beautiful autumn travel destinations: Hungary

Hungary Lake Balaton - picturesque Tihany

Many know of Hungary only the capital Budapest , which is also a beautiful city destination. But Hungary has more to offer, such as the Puszta with its steppes, which is beautiful for riders and on the shore of Lake Balaton grows lavender and also very good wine . In addition, Hungary has many thermal springs , so the country is also popular for wellness and health trips .

Best travel time: September / October

My travelogues from Hungary

The most beautiful autumn destinations: long-distance travel - where is it still warm in autumn?

When is the best time to travel? Where do you travel in September, October or November if you want to spend the last few days off? Here I tell you which long-distance trips in the autumn are particularly beautiful and in which countries in the fall is the best travel time.

The most beautiful destinations Autumn: Israel Jordan

The beauty of the barren - the Negev desert and the Dead Sea

For a roundtrip in Israel October / November is the ideal travel time. Then it is not so hot in the desert and it is easier to marvel at all the sights and in the eastern Mediterranean, it is still warm enough for a bath. Israel is quite small, but it offers a lot. In a week you can see a lot: from Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean coast with ancient cities to Galilee and the Sea of ​​Galilee , which also offers beautiful landscapes down to the Dead Sea, which is suitable for a wellness break and of course Jerusalem - the sacred City for Christians, Jews and Muslims. The visit could be combined with a trip to neighboring Jordan.

Best time to travel: November

The most beautiful destinations Autumn: Morocco

Also in Morocco, it is quite pleasant from September to November, not as hot as in the summer months, but still hot and warm enough to swim in the sea. In South Morocco beautiful sandy beaches with sand from the Sahara and gigantic Atlantic waves for surfers and surfers wait. Sightseeing is easier as it is not so hot anymore and Marrokko offers some fabulous oriental cities with great gardens, oriental bazaars, desert towns and oases.

Best travel time: September, October, November

The most beautiful destinations Autumn: South Africa

If you're interested in whale watching, September to mid-November is a good time for South Africa. Along the Garden Route the whales are already very close to the coast. But during the time it is also quite cool and windy on the coast. It will be warmer around November. For safaris in the Kruger National Park, however, it is a very good time, as the grass is lower and raining less frequently, and thus the animals come together in a clearly visible position at the water points.

Best time to go whale watching: August to mid-November (though cool and windy on the coast in August)

Best travel time for safaris: September / October

My travel reports in South Africa (selection)

The most beautiful autumn destinations: USA born to wild

September, October and November is a good time to travel around the USA. Granted, the US is huge and spans several time and climate zones. You can find everything here: desert, mountains, megametropoles, beaches, swamps, etc. So you can choose which part of the USA you like the most. Along the East Coast you can admire the beautiful Indian Summer with buten trees from Maine via New York to Washington DC In November you can take Thanksgiving , the Thanksgiving Parade and Black Friday in New York. Also other regions like Texas are in September / October super nice to travel and the price level cheaper than other countries. Also on the West Coast , it's nice to see along Highway No. 1 from San Francisco to LA or even through the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Monument Valley or all the other beautiful national parks in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico . You are spoiled for choice ...

The most beautiful destinations Autumn: Peru Bolivia Chile

In the Andean region of Peru Bolivia there is a high season from July to September. But then the nights are also very cold and a lot of tourists on the way. Therefore, the unofficial best travel time is September / October. Temperatures are milder, even at night, and less busy on the famous Macchu Picchu. Also in the Amazon it is pleasant and less humid in these months than in the South American summer months (our winter). You can combine the three countries perfectly together (if you have at least 3 weeks time), which I will still do this year.

Best travel time for Peru Bolivia: August to October (August, the nights are very cold to -20 degrees)

The most beautiful destinations Autumn: Mexico

Mayan pyramids and Caribbean beaches - nowhere is this as good as combining them with Mexico - one of my top-favorite countries. The food is delicious and the culture is simply fascinating. There are also cenotes, jungles, mangroves and the second largest coral reef in the world to discover.

best travel time Mexico starts from November.

My travelogues from Mexico:

The most beautiful destinations Autumn: China

I personally think that China is one of the most exciting countries and culturally interesting. China has one of the oldest civilizations in the world and this is reflected in ancient palaces like the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace in Beijing or in the tomb complex with the terracotta figures in Xian . In addition, the amazingly beautiful gardens are especially worth seeing in Suzhou , the Venice of China. And impressive landscapes such as the karst mountains at Guillin and Yangshou will not be forgotten. Combined with a mega metropolis like Shanghai, China is a super varied destination. The country is vast and stretches across the Silk Road with deserts across the Himalayan border near Tibet to the oceans across multiple time and climate zones. You will never be able to see all the highlights on a trip. That's why I could always travel to China again and again.

Best travel time: September / October possibly November (in winter it is very cold in Beijing)

My travelogues from China

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