Itinerary 3 weeks South Africa roundtrip with Lesotho Swaziland

If you travel to South Africa for the first time, the question arises: which region should I visit? How should I pack all the highlights that South Africa has to offer in a travel itinerary? Which places are really worthwhile? How much time do I need for each place? How do I get from A to B? I introduce you here [...]

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Lesotho - a kingdom in the sky

Already in the morning I am excited, because today we will cross the border to Lesotho. Lesotho - a small kingdom, surrounded by South Africa. On the map, the country looks like a small pea, in the shadow of its big neighbor South Africa. And yet Lesotho is for me one of the most beautiful places on this globe, which I [...]

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Travel Planning Travel Tips South Africa, Lesotho Swaziland

South Africa is the most popular travel destination on the African continent and an absolute dream destination. In this detailed article Travel Tips South Africa I'll tell you everything you need to know for planning your trip to South Africa, Lesotho Swaziland. There are many benefits to traveling to South Africa: Why travel to South Africa? no jet lag: only one hour time shift to [...]

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