eise günstiger und spare! R eise cheaper and save! But always travel with the greatest possible comfort - that's my motto. If you, as I travel frequently, get the best travel tips and travel essentials with you over time. You gain experience with booking portals, hotel search engines, know how to save on travel and fly better or benefit from affiliate programs or know which affiliate programs are really worthwhile. You can appreciate certain travel essentials that you would never want to miss when traveling, technical equipment, travel equipment, camera, etc. Here I tell you how and with what I plan my trips, on which booking portals I like my hotels beech, which must never be missing on my travels, etc. This should serve as a source of information and give you helpful tips for your travels.

Book flights: My favorite flight search engine

There is no option for me other than Skyscanner. Also available as Handyapp and recommended. Here you can directly enter flights, choose direct or with stopovers and Skyscanner will search for the cheapest flights from thousands of options and airlines. The best part, you can even choose which flight times are cheaper. In addition, in the practical monthly overview you have an overview of when the flights are cheapest.

With Google Flights, airfares are displayed more up to date, but usually it does not make a big difference. I like Skyscanner anyway because it is clearer, also there, the prices are currently being checked again.

It is advisable to check the prices on the homepages of the airlines again against.

Book hotels: My favorite hotel booking portal

I usually only book my hotels through booking.com. The hotel booking portal attracts with daily bargains and offers. Many accommodations can be canceled at short notice without paying a cancellation fee (not at all prices) and the management of booking confirmations and per app is great. I like the website because it's super easy to trade. Often I use the function "show on the map" and look for the hotel that is best. So I do not have to switch to Google Maps. The loading times are short and I can easily compare hotels with each other. In addition, I still get travel tips to attractions with it! show the function address has also been in Thailand, I've got there automatically displayed the address in the local >

  • otherwise you will find the most beautiful accommodations here: Booking *

Cheap package tours or hotels:

If you decide for a package holiday and want to have everything from one source, then I find the booking portal Holidaycheck very good. According to Stiftung Warentest it is test winner. Here can find super cheap hotel and Pauschalreiseschnäppchen. Currently there is a travel voucher of 100 euros for a booked trip. So what are you waiting for?

Find group travel

Here you will find a large selection of group tour operators for all countries:

Find and book tours excursions

On various portals, you can already search and book online tours and excursions before your trip. You may also find here airport shuttle services and city cards such as the New York Pass, with which you save on attractions and other discounts. I've found that online is often cheaper than on-site. You will always receive a voucher, because then you can show on site, alternatively, you can also have it sent to your mobile phone. Here are three providers to choose from:

Train travel: save with the Bahncard!

I drive a lot of track. And even if the train is repeatedly berated publicly because of delays, there is no attractive alternative to the train for me. Driving a car is stressful and usually takes much longer than traveling by train. In the train I can work or read a book comfortably. Now the ICEs also offer free wifi, which was long overdue and makes things even more enjoyable. Buses are not an option for me at all, as they take a long time and usually do not go where I want to go. I also hate bus driving because of the too tight seats. The highways are always full. Thus, I use the web often and like.

I own a Bahncard for years and that's worth it for me in any case. I have a Bahncard 25 and thus save 25% on the price of the train every time I drive. With a Bahncard 50, I even save 50% on the flex price and now also 25% on the savings price. Earlier you got the Bahncard 50 no discounts on the economy price, as I usually book low rate, was not worth it for me, now a Bahncard 50 but actually more lucrative. By the way, you can still book savings prices until shortly before the trip, provided they are still available (in the past, you had to book at least 3 days in advance to get a discount).

At the train there are often also eg Europe special tickets, with which one comes cheap in the neighboring countries. And if you plan city trips, etc. you can book here also train + hotel together.

Tip: If you participate in the train bonus program, you can receive great rewards or use the bonus points for new train rides. Works only with Bahncard. I always collect diligently and then forget to redeem the premium 🙁

Earn miles with Miles More and fly for free

Miles More is the best bonus system in the world. Those who diligently earn miles can upgrade to the Frequent Flyer and have access to great lounges at the airport. But that's just a plus. The best part of the mileage program is that you can not only earn miles on flights but also on many online shops, hotels, car rentals and partners. Many do not even know that you can collect and redeem miles with partner airlines of Lufthansa. The Miles More card is actually a must for those who like to travel. You then either use the bonus miles for bonuses or for new flights. So you can make even more vacation! I just had a special flight with my miles to Warsaw. It was a mileage bargain!

Free cash withdrawals worldwide and pay toll-free

This credit card is currently the best and most affordable on worldwide travel. You will not be charged for any account maintenance fee, foreign overseas fee and cash withdrawals (for active customer status):

In this article I compared credit cards and their conditions abroad, the results can be found here .


Travel Essentials: Entertainment on the go home with Amazon Prime

Since January 2017 I am a member of Amazon Prime. And I like it already, the benefits are just great. Also on the go, a Prime membership makes sense, because I have the cloud storage to upload photos, can use the Kindle lending library and stream music and movies as desired and that from all my devices. So it is not boring even in the hotel room or on the train. Since I have Amazon Prime, I constantly watch movies in the evening in bed and is great! 🙂 The only downside: I have become a serial junkie nämlich Amazon Prime produces its own series, some of which are quite good. In addition to books and magazines, Prime Reading also has a lot of travel guides in it that you can read for free (you do not need a kindle for that).

Travel Essentials and Travel Equipement:

Reading books on the go - on the e-book reader. I have often mentioned that I read books only on the e-book reader, because this is just handier and easier than a book. What annoys me, however, are the sometimes really high prices for e-books. Nevertheless, I still enjoy going to bookstores and get some inspiration for my books there.

For Kindle Paperwhite *

(on Amazon Prime you can also use the kindle lending library, see above)

My travel essentials for long-haul flights

Long flights are not that great for our bodies. That's why a bit of comfort on board is not bad. I always have these things on long flights (advantage: they are light and do not take up much space):

    • automatically inflatable neck pillow, inflatable neck pillow *
    • Sleep mask eg daydream premium sleep mask with cooling pad *
    • Luggage scale Digital luggage scale *
      Overweight in the luggage is now strictly controlled at many airports and usually quite expensive. I had to repack some times at the airport before the check-in desk and that's pretty embarrassing. So I try to avoid that and therefore always take with me a small digital luggage scale that my mother gave me. Incidentally, this is increasingly true for hand luggage. Even though it has not happened yet that I had to pay for my hand luggage excess weight, but that increasingly hand luggage is weighed, often happens. Those who come with hand luggage and suitcases then over the weight limit, it pays. If you travel only with hand luggage and the weight limit exceeds pays on it. Usually allowed are 8 kilograms for carry-on luggage, but for some airlines only 6 kilograms.
    • Earplugs for pressure equalization and noises: earplugs for pressure equalization when flying *
  • noise-canceling headphones for on-board entertainment Active noise canceling headphones *
  • Thrombosis Stockings Premium compression stockings (unisex) for longer flight *

You'll find more tips in my article: the perfect outfit for long-haul flights and other useful tips for long flights

Travel essentials: my luggage

  • my hand luggage case by Samsonite: Samsonite hand luggage case *
    I love him - he is one of the lightest hand luggage cases and still has plenty of storage space. But I like the color best (berry pink). Although I usually only take it on short trips and give up luggage on long-haul flights, more and more frequently I reduce my luggage to the essentials in order not to have to carry so much. What I do not understand is that 2 people are giving away 2 large suitcases and taking 2 carry-on luggage for 1 week of vacation. People, let the people, who are only on hand luggage for a few days, have room in the storage compartment. Is also easier to tow, right?
  • my vintage backpack for day trips from KAUKKO Canvas Vintage Backpacks *
    I'm not the type of backpack, so if it does, then I have to opt for it too, so I chose this vintage backpack from Kaukko, which accompanies me since my trip to Thailand in January 2017. I think it's not just visually good, it's also great in terms of practicality; it even has a laptop compartment inside and two smaller side pockets inside and out. It fits in very well and he is reasonably comfortable.
  • Travel bag: on some trips, such as during my safari trips, tour operators often prescribe which pieces of luggage you can take with you. Since the space in the vehicles is often very limited, for example, there were the specifications: no hardshell cases, only soft shell bags without wheels and in the dimensions 40x40x70. I found a comfortable travel bag from Mountain Warehouse. With 90 L capacity quite a lot fits into the bag and the straps allow to carry the bag like a backpack, but it is also quite heavy, so that it almost knocked me over and I would not be able to To carry the bag over your back for a long time. Nevertheless, for just 39.90 euros a very good price-performance ratio: Mountain Warehouse Versatile cargo bag with shoulder strap 90 liters *
  • Cosmetic bag: small, space-saving and practical, it should be and still fit everything that woman needs. This cosmetic bag is not only super cheap, it is also available in many colors, you can hang it, it is water repellent and lightweight. Click here for the toilet bag *
  • My Longchamps bag is always with city trips and traveling always there

I'm more of the pocket fan and that's where the Longchamps have become established. I have closed several generations of these practical bags. They are almost always there, because I like bags rather than backpacks. Advantage: they are light and you get a lot of clean. Longchamp bag *

Travel Essentials: My Camera Camera Accessories

Of course, good pictures are extremely important to me, especially since I have this travel blog. Pictures are simply the best memories you can bring back from traveling. My camera equipment is just the most important things, but they are usually always there:

  • My Spiegelreflexkamaera accompanies me on all my travels. Since I use this travel blog I use the: Nikon D5100 Nikon SLR digital camera *

It makes great photos that are sufficient for my purposes. I own the Nikon D5100 and am satisfied. It's a good entry-level camera, but it's also usable for more professional purposes. I find it easy to act. Price is also great for a SLR camera.

Standard equipment:

  • UV filter is a must for every camera, eg filters *
  • Pol filter I use against reflections eg on water surfaces or house facades.
  • Black and white filters eg for great architectural shots like in New York

for underwater shooting or as an actioncam the GoPro is good.



unfortunately I rarely use it because I do not feel like dragging it around. It is actually light, handy and easy to use. It is also stable. I can recommend the tripod, I only wish I would use it more often 😉


always with it should be a fully charged spare battery and a spare memory card.

In order to secure the photos immediately on the way, I usually also take an external storage disk, eg Toshiba 500 GB Mobile Hard Drives *

Travel essentials: photo backpack or photo bag

admittedly I use my photo backpack almost never, because he is a little too big and a bit too global. I'm honestly not a fan of backpacks, because I think they just do not look nice to me ;-) For a photo backpack, but it is very convenient and you can also use it as a daypack. Inside there are many dividers for the equipment and the lenses and it is also practical that you can open it laterally, so if you wear it on the shoulder. Since I do not use it, someone can have it, if interested, just write me.

Travel essentials: Technical equipment when traveling:

  • MacBook Pro without me I can not go anywhere Apple MacBook Pr o *
  • Power Banks: Power Bank *
  • indispensable, in the whole technical equippement are power banks, to charge the devices on the way mobile short. Without my MacBook, I'm not going on a trip.
  • World Travel Adapter eg Kopp *

If you travel to foreign countries, you must also cope with foreign sockets. Useful is a world travel adapter with multiple power outlets, which can be individually adjusted and adjusted to the particular country. I use that of Kopp.

more and more USB devices also need charging options. I have a triple USB charging plug with me.

And yes, for all the camera equipment and the technical equipment I need an extra backpack, which is always full of chunks and even with a small weekend trip always has to be dragged, which bothers me animal, but good pictures are just too important to me and therefore I can Also do not give up. When traveling by air, I even prefer to do without clothes or shoes instead of my technology. Sometimes I even wonder if this is normal for a woman ??? Not even my brother has so much technickequipement with him and he has always been the techie among us. And which woman refuses shoes to have her camera with her?

I hope I could give you some useful tips and suggestions along the way. Maybe you have your own personal packing or travel planning experience and your favorite travel essentials that you can not do without? Just write me in the comments, I'm curious!

* In this article I recommend many products. The links lead to partner sites. If you buy a product through such a link, I will receive a minimal commission for it. This allows me to keep this website alive. For you, there are no disadvantages to the price and your data will not be saved by me. I really only recommend the products, which I also like to use and therefore recommend from my own experience. Thank you for your understanding.

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