ie schönsten Amerika Romane aus Übersee. T he most beautiful America novels from overseas. Novels of North America, Central America and South America. Novels that give us life, culture and stories from America through all time. America's novels that are fun to read and discover the continent: from the road movie (Almost Ingenious) to the novel novels (open city), from the hard struggle for survival (The old man and the sea) to wild parties (The Great Gatsby ). My personal literature tips and the most beautiful America novels compiled for you:

The most beautiful America novels of all time

USA novels - novels that play in the USA

East-West-Coast road movie through the USA

Roman: Almost Ingenious, Author: Benedict Wells

Francis Dean does not have a rosy future: his mother is in a psychiatric clinic because of depression, he himself is a typical loser: no lamp at school and raised in a trailer park on the east coast of the USA. His buddies decide to go between a career as a forklift driver and as a last resort as a soldier to Afghanistan. Francis has only one hope to come out of this downward circle: his mother tells him that his father was a genius. Should his genes still bring him a better future? Francis clings like a obsessed to this hope. Together with the best buddy Grover and Ann-May, whom he meets in the mother's clinic, he goes in search of his father. It begins a road movie across the US, from the east coast to the west coast. Three absolute losers on their way into life and into adulthood. Grover, the nerd, jumps over rocks in the Grand Canyon and becomes famous overnight. Francis has the impression that he can come to a fortune in the casino in Las Vegas, which helps him to finally leave this desolate life behind. And Ann-May flees from the narrowness of her parents in a world that you have so little to offer. In the end, Francis will be able to track down his father, but how is this encounter going to change his life, and is our fate actually in our genes, or can we choose it ourselves? Is it just luck or bad luck that determines our lives? Benedict Wells is a young German author who writes a super brilliant road movie with Fast Genial. This novel reads as fast as a highway ride, gives insights into American society, depicts episodes of American landscapes, cities and history, and is primarily about the story of three ordinary teenagers who are desperately trying their way into adult life in search of their identity , Reminds tschick of Wolfgang Herrendorf, but is better!

  • This novel is awesome for a road trip and just awesome to read!
    Here's the novel: Almost awesome. *

California dreaming

Pink Hotel *
Anna Stothard: When she learns of her mother's death, the 17-year-old steals the father's credit card and goes to California. There she meets in the Pink Hotel for the funeral of her mother, whom she has never met. All she has about her mother is her clothes and a suitcase, which she simply takes with her and sits down on a park bench on Venice Beach. The young woman goes in search of her dead mother, in search of her own past, her identity and herself. She is looking forward to David, a young man strangely linked to her and her past. The painful search for one's own identity is also a finding of first love. A young author writes a sweet road movie under the California sunshine, an intriguing search for herself and the past, a love story on Venice Beach, a literary sundowner, for the beach chair on the beach.

New York City Life for Modern City Neurotics:

The invisible woman *
The Invisible Woman, Siri Hustvedt: A typical New York city neurotics novel in which the sense of time in Manhattan is located with the street names. Disoriented woman pats the wrong men. A New York story that could also play here.

Open City *

Open City, Teju Cole: A young psychiatrist walks through New York. He is black and highly educated. Two opposites in a modern society. On his walks through New York, he meets intellectuals and Arabs, for whom Israel is guilty of everything. But he, the psychiatrist who deals with emotions scientifically, flees from his own. Until the past overtakes him. Teju Cole was born in Nigeria and studied in New York. He writes about the sense of time in New York. In subtle nuances, he points to the whole human misery. The novel was highly praised. Brisant and disturbing at the same time.

glamorous Roaring 20ies

The Great Gatsby, Scott F. Fitzgerald,

The Roaring Twenties were not lived and described by any other American author as by Scott F. Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is one of the most important America novels. It's about parties, alcohol excesses and the frivolous life of the upper class in New York, including the great Gatsby, who throws the parties to actually come closer to his great love. The novel has quite autobiographical features, because Scott and his wife Zelda Fitzgerald were considered one of the most glamorous couples in New York, leaving no party and no champagne flute to stage as a glamorous couple. However, I have to admit that I did not like to read the novel because the >

America novels from the Caribbean and Latin America

Novels playing in Cuba:

The old Man and the Sea*
Ernest Hemingway: a poignant parable about life with all his troubles, Hemingway, who lived in Cuba and wrote this novel for which he received the Nobel Prize for Literature, has seized me while I stare at the waves at the Malecon in Havana , I see only the old fisherman with his boat and the catch of his life before me: touches me to tears A must for every Cuban traveler and literary fan!

America novels from South America

The bad girl

They meet for the first time in Lima in Peru as a 15-year-old. The boy from Miraflores and the bad girl from Chile. Of course, the boy falls in love with the girl, loses sight of her and happens to meet her years later as a guerrilla girl in Paris, where his studies have taken him. But the encounter is only entertaining, but she can not let go of the narrator. He is hopelessly at the mercy of the evil girl's magic. The stations of the encounter change from South America, through philosophical Paris to hippie London, and into high society in horse races, where the evil girl has turned out to be a marriage swindler. Even in Japan, the reader pursues a fierce scene, terminus is Madrid.

An incredible story about the globe and above all is the fateful love of the narrator for the "bad girl". With the Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa, the world finally has a Nobel laureate in literature that you enjoy reading as it packs its stories into high-tension, fast-paced scenes and touching stories. The bad girl is one of the best books I have read. And one of the best America novels from South America.

South Seas: on a treasure hunt in the South Seas

Roman: traveling in the light of the stars

Author: Alex Capus

Was the treasure island really there? And what has become of the Inkagold? The scene of the novel: the South Seas, a tropical island paradise in the nowhere of the Pacific. There, Alex Capus sends his first-person narrator on an exciting adventure research. There, the narrator follows in the footsteps of the world-famous adventure writer Robert L. Stevenson, who has written a world bestseller in his novel Treasure Island . The novel Treasure Island is about the legendary Inca treasure that pirates from Peru stole and hid on the mysterious treasure island off the coast of Costa Rica. Stevenson claimed all his life he had fictitiously invented the story, yet treasure hunters kept looking for the Inkagold. Instead, Stevenson did not move to Costa Rica, but to an island in the nowhere of the Pacific Ocean, a tropical South Seas paradise. There he struggles with machetes through thick jungle scrub, builds a house with his wife, in which the always sickly writer lives until the end of his life and there is his grave. The narrator sets up daring theses about the author of the Treasure Island, namely, that Stevenson has found out from a map that many treasure hunters the Incas estimated before Costa Rica - but never found him there, because he assumed that on a very different Island with a similar name could lie in the South Seas, on which the pirates could once have lost it due to favorable winds. This would at least explain the sudden wealth of the Stevenson family. So, was the story of Treasure Island really fictitious or did it exist? Did Stevenson search for the Inca treasury, even in the South Pacific? Would not that be the reason for the strange sudden wealth of the writer? The novel reads like a detective story. Slowly, the narrator approaches the details of the Inca treasure and, as in a scientific research work, poses courageous theses, which he tries to prove successively. Still, it's an adventure novel with South Seas flair. You do not need to know the historical novel Treasure Island for the reading of Alex Capes. Travel in the light of the stars is captivating and credited and for those who have always wanted to go on a treasure hunt, the ideal reading. Traveling in the light of the stars is after   Léon and Louise * my second novel by Swiss author Alex Capus. I loved Leon and Luise, traveling in the light of the stars is a completely different kind of story that makes me want to go to the South Seas.

read, Alex Capes: Travel in the light of the stars *

Treasure Island by Robert L. Stevenson Treasure Island: Roman (paperback) *

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