as Paderborner Land umfasst hauptsächlich die Stadt Paderborn und ihr Umland und ist ein Teil des südlichen Naturparks Teutoburger Waldes. T he Paderborn country mainly comprises the city of Paderborn and its surroundings and is part of the southern Teutoburg Forest nature park. I explore the highlights in the Paderborn countryside with the e-bike along the Paderborn country route .

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Paderborn Country: Jesuit Church Maria Immaculata in Büren

The starting point of my e-bike tour is the small town of Büren in Westphalia in the Paderborn countryside. As a highlight of Büren is certainly the Jesuit church of Maria Immaculata with its magnificent Baroque façade, the Moritz von Büren donated as the last scion of the aristocratic family of Büren, the Jesuit Order. The Church of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady Mary was built in the 18th century and is considered a prime example of South German Baroque art north of the Main. A look inside the church with its beautiful ceiling frescoes and buttes is worthwhile. The Jesuit College Mauritius-Gymnasium, which has at least as beautiful facades, joins the church Maria Immaculata.

By e-bike along the Paderborn country route

It is a beautiful September morning, a clear blue sky, a muted, warm morning light and a light morning mist slowly drifting up from the fields. On the banks of the river Alme in Büren is also the idyllic Mittelmühle from the year 1335. Under its pointed roof was once produced paint.

Here starts my little e-bike tour along the Paderborn country route. Along the way along the river Alme I mainly meet horses on their paddocks. With the e-bike, it goes quite comfortably on the well-developed bike paths. And up here in Westphalia, e-bike driving seems to be a real trend, if I'm opposed to a bicycle, it has a small electric motor drive. And I have to say, you can get used to such a little kicking aid quickly.

on the way in Paderborn country: the Wewelsburg

And soon we reach the next highlight on the Paderborn country route: the Wewelsburg. Majestically, it towers over the idyllic Almetal. With its three defense towers, the Wewelsburg already looks like a real gem from afar. The castle is the only triangular castle in Germany. The Wewelsburg also has a moving history behind it: Founded in 1123 by Count Friedrich von Arnsberg, it was abused as a base for the Waffen-SS in World War II. Today, the interior houses the Historical Museum of the Hochstift Paderborn and next to the Wewelsburg is a popular photo opportunity for weddings. There is also a youth hostel and a memorial where the Nazi era is worked up. The Historical Museum inside the Renaissance castle is well worth seeing: from the witch cellar, where torture took place in the Middle Ages to the marriage room of the SS officers and numerous everyday objects of the people from the region over all centuries, can be admired in the museum. Above all, I remember a pretty chemist's cupboard and a trolley with the entire dowry of a seventeenth-century bride.

Unfortunately, my little excursion on the Paderborn Land Route ends here. It was admittedly just a small mini-section that I drove. The Paderborn Land Route certainly has more highlights to offer. Just like the Paderborn country, but for that I have to come to the region again.

Information about the Paderborn country route

The cycle route Paderborner Landroute takes a total of 250 kilometers through the Paderborn countryside. The route could therefore be departed in several daily stages. It leads through a beautiful landscape with numerous sights.

A cycling map with excursion destinations can be found here: KOMPASS Fahrradkarte Southern Teutoburg Forest *

If you want to cycle the bike route, you can also inquire about the route here:

Would you like to stay in the area?

I stayed at the Hotel Fürstabtei in Herford, but that is a bit further away from Büren and the Wewelsburg. Accommodation in the region can be found here:

Have you ever been to Paderborn Land? Do you know about the region and know which highlights are still here? Write it in the comments!

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