Literary journey Africa

iterarische Reise Afrika – die besten Romane aus Afrika. L iterary Journey Africa - the best novels from Africa. By native or European authors from, from or about Africa. Novels that are readable. Stories about land, people adventure from Africa, the black continent. Africa has always had a great fascination for travelers, explorers and writers alike. So many stories are contained in this big, wide continent with all its different facets and countries. So much is still unknown to us and for me Africa is still a new literary ground. But I start going on a book tour and reading novels from African authors and their own stories, as well as novels from European authors reporting on Africa, be it fictional or autobiographical. Most of the novels I have just recently read, the list should be continued. Here is a small selection of novels from Africa. Have fun on the literary journey Africa and discover the continent!

Literary journey Africa

Literary trip Tanzania

Liberty - The life of white and black in Tanzania

Jakob Ejersbo: Liberty: novel

Christian - son Danish development worker, comes to Tanzania as a teenager, visits the international school in Moshi and befriends the black boy Marcus, who serves as a housekeeper at the Swedish neighbors. Marcus dreams of being so close to the white from a free ticket to Europe. Ejersbo, who grew up in Tanzania, describes the life of white development workers between alcohol excesses, parties and quarrels. He writes about how development funds are being embezzled, murders hushed up, how black housekeepers give their masters special services because they dream of Europe's freedom. In between, Christian and Marcus grow up, Marcus praises the white man in a male way, through him we learn that the black world is not much better, there is also corruption and sexual exploitation. Ejersbo points out all the problems of Tanzania after the revolution and the actual end of the colonial era: the weaknesses of social order, the lack of social structure on crime, sexual exploitation, AIDS and drug use, superstition in society, etc. It is a developmental novel by two young people seeking their place in the world. In the novel, almost all individuals act selfishly and impulsively, as if it were part of life in Africa to behave like a savage and drop all morality overboard. Only Claire, the later girlfriend of Marcus, seems to be consistently good. The Tanzania trilogy by Jakob Ejersbo was awarded the Danish Book Prize, the author died at 40 before he could finish the trilogy. The book reads fast, exciting and gives an impression in the social and political problems of Tanzania, also many other topics such as the diamond mines are addressed. However, it also annoys through the same pornographic scenes. Half the size would not have hurt the novel. Nevertheless, a reading recommendation for Tanzania travelers.

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Say goodbye to Zanzibar

Author: Lukas Hartmann

The novel is about the true story of Princess Salme, daughter of the Sultan of Zanzibar, who fell in love with the German merchant Heinrich Ruete in the 19th century and fled with him secretly from Zanzibar to Germany. Even today, the story of the oriental princess of Zanzibar and Oman Sultan on Zanzibar circulates and she is now happily referred to tourists as they pass through Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar. The Sultan's Palace is one of the most popular attractions in Zanzibar. But the true story of Samle sounds less heroic than it is announced today. The daughter of the Sultan of Zanzibar, ominously meets the German merchant Heinrich Ruete, falls in love with him, becomes pregnant. On it stands for the Muslim daughter and the sultan the capital punishment by stoning. A scandal. Salme sees no other possibility than to become very pregnant in a night and fog campaign from her beloved homeland, to flee her island Zanzibar and to move with Henry to cold Germany, to Hamburg. Throughout her life, she will miss her home in Zanzibar, although she quickly integrates herself into her new home country of Germany, her so foreign culture, she takes on the name Emily Ruete, becomes a Christian and learns to cook German food for her 3 children. Heinrich dies unexpectedly in an accident when her youngest daughter is just 3 months old. The Oriental princess is on her own in the distant homeland, rejected by the Sultan, if her return to Zanzibar is impossible for her life, cheated out of her royal heritage, the single mother lives completely destitute in the Germany of the outgoing empire. The story is told alternately by her three children, each of whom, in his own way, makes up an image of the mother and can only imagine what the father and the relationship of the mother to the father must have looked like. The story becomes political because the son tries and fails as a diplomat between the peoples. The focus is on the dispute and the division of East Africa: Great Britain and Germany are fighting over the German colony of Tanzania. Germany loses Zanzibar, in favor of Heligoland, Emily Ruete is exploited and abused by the British, sometimes by the Germans for these political power games. In the end, a sad princess remains, cast out and forgotten and brought back to consciousness only through this novel. The novel is not so much a love story as it is about the history of East Africa and Zanzibar and the biographies of the children of Princess Salme. Still interesting for those who want to learn more about the history and about salms.

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Literary Travel Kenya

Lady Africa - the extraordinary life of Beryl Markham

Author: Paula McLain

Lady Africa is one of the best books I have ever read about Africa. I devoured every page of it in no time. It is the story of Beryl Markham, who was one of the most extraordinary women of the twentieth century in history, as she was the first woman to cross the Atlantic in a solo flight with a propeller plane. But that's not what the biography is about. Although the first chapter begins with Beryl sitting in her machine and the engine smears and she spin in the deep black Atlantic below her, but then begins a flashback to her childhood and youth in Kenya. As the daughter of an English horse breeder she comes to Kenya at the age of four, quickly learns Swahili and the natives Kikuuju become their surrogate family. Kibii, a tribal boy of the same age, is like a brother to her. Together with them she goes hunting and grows up far away from the English Lords and Dandies and the fine ladies of the colonial hunting companies in the Kenya of the 20's, in the wilderness of Africa. The school visits them late and breaks them down, social rules seem to be alien to them. When her father's farm goes bankrupt, she is forced to marry a farmer to stay in Africa. She follows in the footsteps of her father and becomes a trainer for race horses. As the first woman in Africa and only 18 years old. Her horses win the most important races and soon she makes a name for herself in society. And she meets Karen Blixen, who lives on a neighboring farm and where she sees a familiar. In her lover Denys Fitch Hatton, however, she sees her great love, at least based on the novel by Paula McLain on this story. Here, the historical facts mingle with the fictitious elements about Beryl Markham. Paula McLain's novel about Beryl Markham, this extraordinary woman, is a bit stained with sepia tones of a romanticized transfigured image of East Africa that we could already see in "Beyond Africa" ​​- the more famous novel by Karen Blixen. The same people play the main roles in Beryl's life, the scenes are the same. Paula McLain is undoubtedly also a connoisseur of Beyond Africa. Whether Lady Africa lives up to Beryl Markham's life is hard to say. But the novel is captivating and well written. The story is perfect for a Hollywood movie and it made me so curious to learn more about this extraordinary girl, Beryl, who knows neither fear nor doubt and just walks her way, no matter what others think of her. Paula McLain's novel puts the love story between Beryl and Dennys in the foreground. But he is undoubtedly a love story to East Africa, he shows a good picture of the colonial life of the 1920s in Kenya, the time of burgeoning big game hunts and he has addictive potential! Definitely read!

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West with the night - Beryl Markham's autobiography

Author: Beryl Markham
West with the night is the real life of the fascinating Beryl Markham , who was the first woman in the world to cross the Atlantic from east to west in a propeller plane and whose life I became aware of through the novel Lady Africa by Paula McLain *. As I said, Beryl Markham's life has fascinated me so much that I felt an urgent need to learn more about this thoughe lady. In West with the night , Beryl Markham wrote her life story herself (unlike Paula McLain's novel). The autobiography reads as exciting as the novel Lady Africa, if not even more captivating. Beryl Markham also describes in West with the Night mainly the time in which she spent as a young girl and a young woman in Kenya. She tells how she went hunting with Kibbi, her African friend from a tribe, how she was attacked by a lion, how she became the first horse trainer in Kenya and achieved her first victory with a difficult horse. And finally, she tells of the biggest victory of her life: her solo flight with a propeller plane, in the middle of the night from Europe to New York as the first woman in the world and against the wind. While Paula McLain builds the novel Lady Africa on the love story between Beryl and Dennis Fitch Hatton, Beryl Markham spares her affairs - she was more life-time as someone who spoke little about himself. Instead, she speaks with such poetry of the country she grew up in, that it literally draws you into the places as you read. She describes the animals she encounters, with whom she works with as respectful a respect as I have never read them, and the encounter with such famous people as Baron Blixen, Dennis Finch Hatton or her flight instructor are crowned with respect and admiration, although described with a certain distance, but this explains itself from the life story of this strong woman who fights in a male world as a woman and is thus more successful than many of her male contemporaries. One must imagine: Beryl experiences how Dennis Fitch crashes Hatton by plane, how her experienced flight instructor with the propeller engine stung - which does not hinder thoughe lady in the middle of the night alone on the Atlantic Ocean to fly - as the first woman of the World and in general as the first pilot in the world from east to west. The autobiography of Beryl Markham is a poetic masterpiece, full of dignity, full of love for Africa and much more authentic than the novel by Paula McLain. Even Ernest Hemmingway was an admirer of this tough lady: he read Beryl's book and said the lady writes so well that he feels inferior to himself. Unfortunately, Beryl's extraordinary life was forgotten by World War II. I've rarely been fascinated by a woman, rarely a book so carried away as this. This woman was just awesome and this book is absolutely worth reading. However, I have read West with the night in English in the original > available at Amazon: West with the Night *

also read Lady Africa by Paula McLain: Lady Africa: Roman *

The chronicler of the winds

Author: Henning Mankell: The Chronicler of the Winds

Nelio is 10 years old when he dies. His moving life story touches the people in his environment and also captivates the reader. Nelio's short life is full of events. He grows up in an African village, the world could be good. If bandits would not one day attack the village, kill family members, deport women. Nelio manages to escape. At the age of five, he struggles for a life that seems brutal to the reader. As a child, he beats his way through to the city, where he finds a home in an old equestrian statue, beats his way through as a street boy, joins a group of street boys, somehow survives day after day. But Nelio is no ordinary street kid. His aura changes all the people around him. Nelio is as dirty as street kids are dirty and yet so white that no one would despise him. He never steals, he never cheats. With all the suffering and cruelty he had to experience in his young life, he tries to remain human, to live a dignified life for himself and those close to him. Nelio takes responsibility where he can and that makes him a role model in a world that seems cruel and brutal. The reader already learns in the first chapter that the street boy Nelio dies of a gunshot wound on a roof under the African sun. But how it came about, and why his story must be told, that is learned from the chronicler of the winds. Henning Mankell has become known as the Swedish crime writer. But his heart was on Africa. In addition to his thrillers, he gives the African street boys a face and points to the injustices of this world. Henning Mankwell spent a lot of time in Kenya. The novel is absolutely worth reading!

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Literary journey Morocco

Son of her father: Roman

Tahar Ben Jelloun: The Moroccan author gives us a deep insight into society and even deeper into the most intimate areas of the family. He talks about a father whose 8th daughter grows up as a son, because another daughter would have meant the ruin of the family. Tahar Ben Jelloun does not complain, but shows the miserere that arises in a society where women are worth less than men, showing that men are just as much victims as women, and he provides intimate insights into the feminine soul in his masculine ones World. The narrative perspective is sometimes confusing, for it resembles a storyteller on a bazaar. An extraordinary novel by a Moroccan author.

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The voices of Marrakech: Records after a journey *

Elias Canetti: A great philosopher of our century writes the voices of Marrakech during a multi-week film shoot in Marrakech, where he is present. He describes his experiences and observations, but from the point of view of an old man's novel, I mean the generation of the authors Grass, Walser, etc., which I do not like to read. That's why it has affected me less.

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