Tanzania Zanzibar: everything you need to know to plan your trip Tanzania Sanisbar

In this detailed travel guide you will find all travel tips Tanzania Zanzibar compactly united. In addition, many personal tips and experience that I have collected on my trip to Tanzania Zanzibar. The following information can be found here:

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: Why these dream destinations?

  • the highest mountain Africa in Tanzania: Kilimanscharo
  • breathtaking wildlife in the Serengeti - the largest zoo in the world
  • incredibly high density of animals in the national parks
  • largest volcanic crater in the world: Ngoronogoro Crater
  • oldest roots of humanity in the Oldupavai Gorge
  • white beaches and turquoise sea in Zanzibar
  • Spices taste in Zanzibar
  • only 1 hour time shift and therefore no jet lag!

Here you will find a large selection of tour operators offering trips to Tanzania Zanzibar:

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: When is the best time to go?

In principle, Tanzania Zanzibar can be traveled all year round. If you are planning a safari, for example in the north of Tanzania or a beach holiday on Zanzibar, you should pay attention to the dry and rainy seasons .

Best time to go for a safari in Tanzania:

June to October: is considered the best travel time of the year. It is dry season, the grass is relatively deep, so you can watch animals well. Temperatures range from 22 degrees in June to 25 degrees in August and September.

June / July: the best travel time for Tanzania north if you want to see the Great Migration in the north of the Serengeti. The cycle of the Great Migration, so when the animals are where, you can find here. Temperatures are comfortable for Europeans between 22 and 23 degrees. July is the driest month of the year. A good time for wildlife watching as the animals gather at the watering holes and the density of animals in the national parks is highest.

November / December: small rainy season. Temperatures around 27 degrees. More frequent short rain showers.

January to March: good travel time, temperatures between 27 and 28 degrees, relatively dry.

April / May: big rainy season. During this time frequent rain showers can occur. They are usually short but intense. It can also cause flooding of streams in national parks and therefore you can not drive all parts. The temperatures are between 23 and 27 degrees.

Best time to go to Zanzibar

For Zanzibar, as for Tanzania, it is a year-round attractive destination with a tropical climate and constant temperatures of 25 to 28 degrees on average. During the rainy season in April / May and November / December, tropical storms and rain can also occur here. Therefore, this time is considered less suitable.

Best time to go to Zanzibar: January to March

From January to March, the temperatures are highest and can also crack the 40 degree mark.

It is also beautiful in the dry season from June to October . Here, the sun shines the longest and winds provide a little cooling. The average rainfall is the least. I was in Zanzibar at the beginning of July and unfortunately it also had a day that was less beautiful, windy and even a short light drizzle - you just can not put it in there. In September it rains the least and in March the temperatures are highest on average.

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: Entry

To enter Tanzania you need the following documents:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months after entry
  • visa
  • Vaccination pass with yellow fever vaccination

Visa for entering Tanzania

You can apply for the visa to enter Tanzania before your trip to the embassy in Tanzania in Berlin:

Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania
Eschenallee 11
14050 Berlin-Charlottenburg
Tel .: +49 30 3030800
Fax: +49 30 30308020
E-Mail: info@tanzania-gov.de

Note that the processing time for this takes a long time. You have to send in your passport and 50 Euro and wait until he returns with the visa by post. That would be way too complicated for me, besides, I do not like to hand over my passport and cash.

Apply for visa on arrival to Tanzania at the airport

The much easier and straightforward way is that you apply for the visa directly upon arrival at the airport in Tanzania. You need 50 USD in cash. In return, you will receive a stamp in the passport, which is considered a visa. I did it that way.

Apply for a visa through a visa service provider

Theoretically, you can also apply for a visa through a service provider in Germany. Of course, extra service fees will be charged again. You can apply for it here, for example: Visa service provider *

Cost: 50 USD in cash.

You should have the 50 USD pretty much in cash. Euros are often not accepted. Lt. Foreign Office Zanzibar is increasingly on cashless payment by credit card. Therefore you should have a credit card at hand. I always have the DKB credit card in my luggage because you can withdraw cash for free with it abroad. All information can be found here:

If you travel from Tanzania to Zanzibar, you will not need another visa. It's enough if you have paid the 50 US dollars. If you only travel to Zanzibar, you will have to pay the $ 50 on departure. This exit fee does not apply if you were previously in Tanzania.

Yellow fever vaccination

Lt. The Federal Foreign Office only requires a yellow fever vaccination to enter Tanzania Zanzibar if you are traveling from one of the neighboring countries or if your stay in a yellow fever embarrass country lasted longer than 12 hours. In any case, I advise you to take your vaccination certificate with a proof of yellow fever vaccination. When I arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport, I had to present a yellow fever vaccine certificate as proof (I had a stopover in Addis Abebba, but under 12 hours), so the statement of the Foreign Office is not quite correct. In order to avoid cumbersome discussions and annoyances, I would definitely make a yellow fever vaccine. The costs for this refund some health insurance after the trip back and the vaccine is painless.

  Tip: Let yellow fever vaccine take place about 8 weeks before the trip . This then also applies for 10 years.

Yellow fever vaccinations are not what doctors do. Tropical medicine, travel medicine and the health departments of your city make yellow fever vaccinations. Inquire at the appointment, whether the vaccine is also in stock.

More information about health vaccinations and tips for a first-aid kit for a trip to Zanzibar Tanzania can be found here

Another tip that is important when leaving: You should observe the customs regulations. When you buy souvenirs, you need to know what customs get and what they do not. For example, many animal products are on the red list of the Washington Convention. Information about customs regulations is given by the Foreign Office or here:

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: Which Vaccinations Do I Need To Travel?

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: Malaria, Health First Aid Kit

The following vaccinations are necessary for Tanzania Zanzibar:

  • Yellow fever vaccination

recommended vaccinations (standard vaccinations)

  • Hepatitis A + B
  • tetanus
  • whooping cough


  • In Tanzania, you should take malaria prophylactic. There is a high risk of infection throughout the country.
  • Zanzibar is malaria free. It is sufficient if you have a malaria prophylaxis with you.

Detailed information on health risks, malaria and how to protect yourself against it, and a recommended first-aid kit I have summarized in a detailed article:

Health in Tanzania Zanzibar Read travel

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: International Travel Insurance

In addition, I would recommend you a foreign travel health insurance. These you can buy cheap for worldwide protection for 8 to 12 euros a year, eg here:

Or you can get a credit card with which you can withdraw cash for free abroad as well as various insurance policies. One way to do that would be to use the Visa World Card without an account maintenance fee: The VISA World Card Gold with no annual fee in the first year with extensive insurance cover: Request now! *

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: Money, Currency Finance

I recommend you to take a higher amount of US dollar notes, so that you do not run out of cash on the way. This was recommended to me before my trip and has turned out to be useful. Although the official currency is the Tanzanian shilling, most hotels and restaurants pay more for the more expensive US dollar. Euros are little or hardly accepted. I have not paid anywhere with euros. That's why I've already got dollar bills from the bank in Germany.

  Tip: Apply for US dollar bills at least 1 better 2 weeks before travel at your bank, as these are not always in stock.

Since I was on safari for a week, I did not know what the possibilities were to get cash, so I took enough USD in cash. It was a good thing, you will not find an ATM in the bush and I hate wasting my vacation time with such things 😉

You will also need cash for tips right after your arrival at the airport or hotel, eg for the drivers and porters who will be swarming around you.

In cities and at the airport, you can also use your credit card to withdraw money. Visa cards are accepted almost everywhere. Nevertheless, it is recommended to take a replacement credit card with you. With debit card you do not get far. It can also happen that the ATMs do not spit out money because they simply have too little cash. With the DKB credit card you can withdraw cash for free worldwide. It is particularly popular with travelers, as it offers many benefits and costs nothing. Info here:

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: Tips

Tips are very important in Tanzania. Also you pay in dollar bills. The following guidelines are quite normal:

  • Porter 1 USD per piece of luggage to the room
  • Driver (Safari) 10 - 15 USD per day and per person
  • Restaurant: 10 to 15%

Experience has shown that this adds up very quickly. After all, you can tell a bellman bad that you can carry the suitcase itself, if he has already unloaded the car and also live the people so synonymous of the tips. Nevertheless, the dollar bills just fly away like that ....

Begging children at the roadside

In Tanzania, people are very poor. And it seems to me as if everyone believes that every white person is automatically rich, just because of his skin color. One is therefore constantly begged and it is appealed to the compassion. One would like to give every child on the roadside a few dollars. The question is, does not this justify the idea that all whites are rich? That you as a black person have no other chance than to beg? That it is not a question of personal ambition to take responsibility, but a matter of skin color? These are very profound and morally ethical questions that everyone should answer themselves. Every time I feel uneasy, because I'm not rich and when I give someone money, I feel bad. I was often advised not to give children money. It would be better to drink something , clothes, food, sporting goods, toiletries, school supplies or toys. It really lacks that. My guide told us that the Masai children paint their faces, put on their traditional clothes over their school uniforms, and skip school to beg. With money you help so least or in the wrong place.

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: What should you have seen in Tanzania?

I did a one-week safari through the north of Tanzania and then flew to Zanzibar from there. This combo is considered a Tanzania travel classic and is quite popular. The most famous national parks are located in the north of Tanzania. The national parks in southern Tanzania are less well-known, but have also been increasingly visited in recent years. In the north of Tanzania are some of the most beautiful and impressive places in the world: the world famous Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater are the best known. But Kilimanjaro , the highest mountain in Africa, is located in northern Tanzania on the border with Kenya. Here incredibly beautiful landscape parks are densified with one of the largest wildlife densities in Africa. On a trip to Tanzania, the following stations should definitely be there:

  • Tarangire national park (largest elephant populations of the world, fantastically beautiful Baobas and much more.)
  • Ngorongoro Crater - UNESCO World Heritage Site (Earth's largest volcanic crater with the largest wildlife density in the world)
  • Serengeti National Park - UNESCO World Heritage Site (unique wild animal encounters and beautiful scenery)
  • Lake Manyara National Park (beautiful national park, great scenery, tree climbing lions, birds and more)

More travel recommendations for Tanzania

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: What should you have seen in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is a true tropical paradise. White sand beaches and azure or turquoise-colored sea offer true dream beaches. In addition, coconut palms weigh in the wind. The island is known as spice island, because many different spices grow here. The food tastes great.

  Tip: If you want to make trips in Zanzibar, it is worth booking in advance online, as I have the experience that tours booked through the hotel were overpriced with a surcharge of about 50%. Here you can find interesting excursions in Zanzibar *

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: My travel route for 2 weeks Tanzania Zanzibar

  1. Day Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport, drive to Karatu (about 400 km, 4 hours)
  2. Day Safari in the Tarangire National Park
  3. Day drive from Karatu to the Serengeti, visit of a Masai village and half day safari in the Serengeti
  4. Day safari in the Serengeti
  5. Day safari in the Serengeti and drive to the Ngorongoro Conversation Area
  6. Day safari in Ngorongoro Crater
  7. Day safari on Lake Manyara
  8. Day domestic flight from Arusha to Zanzibar
  9. Day Zanzibar
  10. Day Zanzibar
  11. Day Zanzibar
  12. Day Zanzibar
  13. Day Zanzibar
  14. Day departure

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: Flights

I flew overnight with Ethiopian Airlines . Stopover was in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the airline on both outbound and return flight had massive delays. On the outward flight I had to wait over 9 hours for my connecting flight. This was the first day ever gone. What I've heard is that there are quite a few delays in Addis Ababa. Many airlines stop here. Next time I would fly with another airline and / or maybe choose a direct flight. The service at Ethiopian Airlines was not that good either.

PS: The European air passenger rights do not apply here, since you have landed outside of Europe and fly away from there, this also applies if the flight starts from Europe. Even though both tickets were booked with the same airline and at the same time in Europe, the chances of compensation are bad.

After Zanzibar I flew from Arusha. The flight takes an hour and was definitely worth a visit. It went with a small propeller machine to Zanzibar.

Here is my review of the flight from Arusha to Zanzibar with a propeller machine.

I always search flights through Skyscanner.

Here you will find a large selection of tour operators offering trips to Tanzania Zanzibar:

Tanzania Zanzibar travel tips: Hotels Accommodations

My Tanzania hotels: 4 nights in Karatu at the Highview Hotel

Karatu is located at 1,000 meters on the crater rim of the Ngorongoro Conversation Area and about 400 km from Kilimanjaro Airport. The Highview Hotel in Karatu is an ideal base for safaris in the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and the Tarangire National Park. At night it is very cold, I strongly recommend warm sleeping bags and thick socks (!). The hotel is simple middle class, but has everything you need. The rooms are very simple. The breakfast and the food is good. Bobby, the hotel manager, goes out of her way to make every visitor a pleasant stay and tries to make everything possible. Bobby is also a real phenomenon: he speaks the best German, knows every smallest cow village in Germany, recites Loriot skits and knows the Germans better than me. In the hotel there is wifi in the lobby, as well as a pool and sun loungers. From the hotel you look over green tobacco fields in a beautiful landscape. The hotel also has its own vegetable garden and also works with a children's home in Karatu, which is located next door. Who wants to donate things here. Especially bed linen, towels, clothes, toys, school supplies (notebooks, pens) and food are urgently needed.

View or book Highview Hotel: High View Hotel Karatu *

2 nights at the Ikoma Wild Camp in the Serengeti

My absolute highlight was the overnight stay in the Ikoma Wild Camp in the Serengeti. The camp is simple middle class and lies outside the protected national park area at Ikoma Gate to the Serengeti. I stayed in a typical "boma" - thatched thatched cottage. It was quite comfortable in it. Cozy beds, with neat mattresses and a shower with warm water. There is no need for more here in the wild anyway. The warm water filters the camp out of solar energy. The restaurant is located on a typical Kopjes (the lion rocks as in the movie Lion King) and from there you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Serengeti and the camp. There are in the restaurant sockets for charging the technical equipment and wireless. The Great Migration of the Wildebeest moved in the middle of the camp in the night and one could listen to the snort of the wildebeest. Total wildlife feeling! Gorgeous!

Ikoma Wild Camp Serengeti *

find other safari camps in the Serengeti *

6 nights at the Blue Bay Beach Resort in Zanzibar

The most beautiful beaches are located on the east coast of Zanzibar. Here the sand is so white that it fades in the eyes and the sea is turquoise green and beautifully clear. The beaches are really one of the most beautiful, where I have bathed. However, there is also low tide. At low tide, the sea can retreat quite far. Then you can go for long walks and even find starfish. At high tide, the sea comes right up to the shore.

My hotel was right here in the east in Kiwenga. The Blue Bay Beach Resort is a beautiful hotel. Spacious rooms, with a typical Sansibari style decor - looks like an oriental fairy tale. The whole hotel is decorated in this oriental style. A beautiful pool (where I never swam) and a garden with palm trees invite you to relax. The food is good. I could have done without the evening entertainment now. WiFi worked only in public areas. It is 45 to 60 minutes by taxi to Stone Town. I just left the hotel for a trip to Stone Town.

Blue Bay Beach Zanzibar *

find other accommodation in Zanzibar *

Travel Tips Tanzania Zanzibar: How do you find the right safari provider?

Tanzania is not a typical self-drive country such. South Africa, where it is very popular to drive with your own car in the national parks. The roads are bad, even outside the national parks. To be honest, I just found that the beautiful thing about Tanzania, because a main road through the Serengeti, destroys the nature and also the Great Animal Migration would not exist anymore. You need both good vehicles and a persistent driver. Mishaps are no exception. I would always work with local and experienced safari providers here. There are also tourists who think that they do not follow the rules, leave their garbage everywhere, disturb the animals and overestimate themselves. Guides know the routes, can assess the behavior of the animals, ensure safety and ensure compliance with the rules in the national parks. Considering that the habitat of the animals is threatened and that many animal species such as elephants and rhinos are threatened with extinction, I find it a gift that I may even enter these places. Imagine, if everyone is cruising through the Serengeti with their car, that would not be a real nature experience anymore. In Kruger National Park, the many touring cars and coaches have totally disturbed me. Unfortunately, many others do not think so.

Personal preferences: camping, middle class or luxury safari?

It also depends on personal preferences. There are trekking safaris, Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro ascents, there are hiking safaris where you can walk a lot, vendors who offer authentic encounters with locals, etc. The variety is huge. You can also choose to do a camping safari, a mid-range safari or a luxury safari. There are breathtaking luxury lodges in Tanzania that have their proud price but are also beautifully nestled in nature and offer high-end comfort. But sometimes I think, as beautiful as these luxury lodges are, are they not harmful to the environment? And even the luxury in the middle of the wilderness seems somehow decadent in such a country. But beautiful are these lodges in any case. In my simple accommodations, I came closer to nature and had great experiences in the middle of the wilderness without giving up a certain comfort.

Package Travel Provider Safarian Provider

I decided during this trip for a package holiday with a specialist provider from Germany. As far as travel planning and accommodations were concerned, I had little say in the matter and did not have to worry much about it. Especially Letzters was quite right for me. I did a long and detailed research. Aufsafari.de offered the best price-performance ratio for me. Since I was alone, I still had to pay 550 euros for the single room, which is why I decided for the cheapest provider, since a safari trip in Tanzania is not a cheap holiday anyway. I definitely wanted to see the parks mentioned above, five days of safari would have been too short. For 2 weeks in the main travel time I paid for the above trip (Safari + Zanzibar) as a single traveler about 3600 euros. But also all costs were included except the drinks costs in the hotels and the tips for the drivers. On the safari the guide always offered us enough water for free and packed lunches were provided by the hotel. Except for the beach hotel in Zanzibar, I had booked only half board.

Here you will find a large selection of tour operators offering trips to Tanzania Zanzibar:

What should be considered when choosing the safari provider?

You can also book safaris directly on site, which may be cheaper. For example, in Arusha. Many providers can already be researched in advance on the Internet. In the end, German tour operators also work with local providers, in my case we were on the road with Zara Tours. The selection of providers and tours is huge, so I can not recommend it here. Who chooses a local provider, should take at least 1-2 days to find a suitable tour operator to check the offers and the price-performance ratio. I can recommend Zara Tours, the guides are well trained, speak German and the jeeps are in a good and clean condition.

  • Best of all you follow recommendations from someone who has ever made a safari at a provider and found them to be good
  • Pay attention to which vehicles are used and which standard they meet
  • Make sure there are no more than 6 safari guests in the jeep (preferably always the same)
  • Let me explain exactly what services are included, what accommodation and how they are equipped, what food is included and what additional costs may be incurred
  • ask how much luggage you can stow in the car
  • ask for a German-speaking or English-speaking guide
  • Pay attention to a reputable supplier of a large company with experienced and well-trained guides, because only they know where animals are to be seen, are trained on the behavior of the animals, can provide a certain security ...

In the end, a lot depends on the guide. He knows where the animals are, knows their behavior, steers the Jeep to where animals can be found (or not), networks with other drivers to find the animals. He also takes care of every guest as a caretaker, stows the luggage, drives the accommodation, picks you up at the airport (in my case) and takes you there again. He speaks your >

The Tanzania Tourism Office has a list of safari providers and also a blacklist of dubious providers. Information is available here .

A selection is also available from the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators

The safari group and me

As I said, I was part of a flat-rate booked trip and thus a safari group. The safari group and I spent a total of 8 days together and although some may frown on the thought, we had fun together. Of course I was the youngest and of course the only one who was alone. Nevertheless, I had a good time with my safari group. A total of 3 couples and me in a jeep. And we had really developed a good group dynamic. In my safari group everyone was really excited about the animals and I think the animals noticed that, because we got a lot of them in front of the lens. We always had the roof up and everyone had their heads out, while the other group (there were always 2 groups with 2 jeeps on the way) always sat squarely on the seats. Meine Kollegin hat mir das Hörbuch von Tommi Jaud “Hummeldumm” ausgeliehen und natürlich erinnern mich einige Szenen auch an meine Safarigruppe zB hatten wir auch so einen Dichter unter uns, aber insgesamt habe ich mich als Alleinreisende nie blöd oder ausgegrenzt gefühlt. Daher kann ich besonders für Alleinreisende eine Safarireise in Tansania empfehlen.

  Leseempfehlung: Hummeldumm von Thommi Jaud – mit Lachgarantie! bei Amazon: Hummeldumm: Roman (Hochkaräter) *

Reisetipps Tansania Sansibar für alleinreisende Frauen