The most beautiful Paris novels

räumt ihr hin und wieder von Paris? T do you mind every now and then from Paris? Then I'll introduce you today to the most beautiful Paris novels. Reading these novels, I really feel like discovering Paris. Strolling along the Champs Élysée (Dumas), drinking a café au lait (Modiano) on the boulevard of St. Germáin or lapsing into the atmosphere of the artists' quarter in Montmartre (Balzac). Discovering Paris literarily is fabulous, because no other city in the world has attracted more intellectuals and artists than Paris. What did this city produce for great authors! World literature! If you want to understand Paris, you should read through French literature. Certainly, among my tips from the Literary Journey to Paris predominantly classics are represented. Please do not be afraid! The classics that are standing here are written so that you can read them well. I raved about my colleagues at Balzac, they read and liked the book! So trust me, classic literature is not dusty, but often more up to date than you think! And is not the city of Paris itself a classic?

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1. Paris Novels: The Café of Lost Youth

Author: Patrick Modiano, dtv

This book fell in my eyes shortly before my Paristrip and I just had to buy it. I read the 158 pages in three days. Patrick Modiano tells the story of a young girl from four different narrative perspectives. This sounds boring and complex at first, but it's still fascinating to read how each of the four voices throws a different view on Louki, the girl. Louki is 15 when she starts walking through Paris at night while her mother works as a usher in the Moulin Rouge. The father is unknown. On her nocturnal ramble through Paris, Louki meets a friend and together they throw in some snow. At some point, the reader learns of a marriage Loukis with a well-heeled Parisian citizen, who is much older than she. Louki, however, seems to bore the bourgeois life, she runs away, finds refuge in the Café Conde in St. Germain. The café is one of those writer cafes in the bohemian district of the student district of Paris in the 60s. The novel takes the reader from the right to the left bank of the Seine and over the squares of Paris. Together with her lover, Louki walks as a young woman all over Paris again. Modiano creates a picture of Paris that I did not know so far, he tells different fates in the big city, he talks about love and about finding and finding. There are gaps in the end, but that's not important, because the main actor is called Paris. Paris - melancholy beautiful. A book for people who like good literature and want to fall in love with Paris.

Patrick Modiano has just won the Nobel Prize for Literature 2014. He also received Prix Goncourt and is one of the most important French writers of the 20th century.

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2. Paris novels: glory and misery of courtesans

Author: Honoré de Balzac, Diogenes Verlag

This novel is a masterpiece. I recommended it to a colleague who said, gaze Balzac, then she read the novel with enthusiasm. In nineteenth-century Paris, one in three women had to prostitute themselves in order to survive. Including Esther, the main character in Balzac's novel. The young Lucien de Rumpere, impoverished nobleman, falls in love with the beautiful courtesan, but must hide the love because of his ambitious ambitions, because he wants to become a respected member of the Parisian society. A criminal masquerading as a priest takes Lucien and Esther under his wing. What the two good believers do not know, the Prieser is not a priest but has evil plans. And besides, there are the rich bankers of Paris, who want to buy Esther for pleasure, to have fun with her. Or the corrupt judges who run nepotism. Just like the fine ladies of the society who want to win over the beautiful Lucien. On the other side, the thieves and courtesans of the lower class. Balzac analyzes Parisian society of the 19th century down to the smallest detail through all walks of life. In the end, as always, everyone gets their fat away. A unique moral portrait of Paris. And a great masterpiece in beautiful >

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3. Paris novels: Thérèse Raquin

Author: Emile Zola, dtv

With Zola's Thérèse Raquin we say goodbye to the Romantic era of Dumas or the realism of Balzac and make a trip to the era of naturalism. Here, the natural drive of two individuals, who become victims of their own selves, takes center stage. Thérèse, bored wife of a sickly weakling, begins an affair with a husband's boyfriend. He wants the money of the two. Together, they assassinate the husband, adopt his possessions, and at the same time become victims of their remorse. Zola's novel is shockingly radical, what he lacks is humanity, the question is rather: what happens when man freely acts according to his impulses? And how much evil is in each of us? The book fascinated me because I've never read anything like it.

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4. Paris novels: The camellia lady

Author: Alexandre Dumas, dtv

The camellia lady is a beautiful novel. The plot should be familiar to us from the opera La Traviata - my favorite opera. A Paris courtesan lives on the favor of rich Parisian gentlemen. Until the young nobleman Armand Duval falls in love with the Edelprostitutierte. Both are ready for this love to give up their previous lives. A scandal that endangers Armand's career and family honor. But then the camellia lady suffers from the then widespread tuberculosis. Like his father, Alexandre Dumas tells: extremely entertaining. Especially beautiful are the scenes, as the ladies then drove in their carriages on the boulevards of Paris, to impress. See and be seen on the Champs Élysées and in the Paris Opera, wrapped in a tragic love story. Could be from today. What more do you want as a reader?

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5. Paris novels: Dangerous Liaisons

Author: Choderlos de Laclos; dtv

Dangerous Liaisons is THE original Parisian novel. The most important work of French literature, says the Académie Goncourt, which gives the French literary prize. It took me years to get used to this classic, I've never regretted it. He belongs to the best that I have read. Granted, no light fare, but ingenious food. The plot should be familiar to us from the film "Ice Cold Angel", which was also one of the most memorable films for me. The plot of the novel takes place in 18th-century Paris in the scheming courtly society, just before the Revolution. It is a letter novel that neatly tells of the intrigues of the decadence of that time. An evil marquise uses a young viscount to revenge herself from malice and boredom, victim: an innocent girl. Evil, cruel and highly erotic - these are the secrets of the novel's success. The plot is likely to be known from numerous films, in the end, all come to case. As a reader, you have to get used to the classical literary >

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6th Paris novels: 6:41 clock

Author: Jean Philippe Blondel

It's a situation we all know: we're on the train and have an encounter we do not know how to find. At 6:41 clock Cécile sits on the first train to Paris. She spent the weekend with her parents, now she's back to work and family. Next to him is Philippe Leduc. The Philippe, in whom she was madly in love over 30 years ago. She recognizes him immediately, even if she thinks he has changed to his disadvantage. He also recognizes them immediately, but it is too late to avoid the embarrassing situation. He is already sitting next to her. Now both are considering how to deal with this situation, whether they should address the other or better not whether the other one after 30 years at all knows and what that was actually back then between them. After a weekend together ended the weekend planned as a romantic getaway in a fiasco. Cécile travels deeply alone. Of course not without anger on Philippe. And Philippe? He still seems to be standing next to him after more than 30 years. Throughout the train journey, memories are popping up, both of them remembering each other from their respective perspectives, and the closer Paris moves, the more compelling is the question: will the other address me or should I? Jean Philippe Blondel writes a nice French-style romance novel about a man and a woman of our time, each one of us could be a part of it and each one of us could be in that scene. The book does not exactly have a particular depth. The theme is a lot of stuff and I would have expected a bit more. A bit of tension or depth, but written in the same way, makes it as real as if it were a thing that you actually experience yourself. It reads just as fleeting as this one moment is. Easy entertainment, best for the train to Paris :-)

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Paris novels: Madame Hemingway

Author: Paula McLain

It's a trip to Paris in the 1920s. It was the time when American writers stormed the city, Pablo Picasso painted his paintings and the intellectual freethinkers of the twentieth century met and inspired each other in the art cafes of Paris. It was perhaps the most exciting time in the history of Paris. At this time plays the bestselling novel by Paula McLain: Madame Hemingway . He tells the story of Ernest Hemingway's first years in Paris, told from the perspective of his first wife Hadley. He tells the love story between Hadley and Ernest, which began in Chicago, describes the crossing to Paris, the difficult first years of the newly in love couple, which were characterized by hunger and money worries. It is the time when Ernest wants to establish himself as a writer and of course there are all the important characters: Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote the Great Gatsby and is rich, there are parties and bouts of the 1920s in the novel. The novel by Paula McLain is more about the personal characters, the novel shows Hadley, the young woman at her husband's side, who would later become a famous writer. Hadley, who somehow does not seem to fit into this time and city her husband decided on. And that's why the novel ends with Menage-á-trois: Hemingway falls in love with his second wife, Pauline Pfeiffer, while Hadley stands by and has to watch it all. Yet Hem, as he is called, later says that spending time with Hadley in his early years in Paris, crowned with simple life, had been the happiest of his life. Paula McLain has a gift for bringing historical figures to life. Also for non-Hemingway fans a successful novel.

Paris novels: Paris a feast for life

Author: Ernest Hemingway

The novel Madame Hemingway by Paula Mc Lain (see above) is based on the autobiographical sketches in Ernest Hemingway's work "Paris - a feast for life" . Paris - a feast for life contains the personal memoirs of Hemingway, he tells anecdotes from the time with Hadley but also from encounters of famous contemporaries in Paris. We learn a lot about our friendship with Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound, who all lived in Paris at the same time. Hemingway takes the reader on a walk through his 1920s Paris, to the cafés where he worked and got drunk with Fitzgerald. You stroll with him through the streets and squares and along the quays of Paris. However, the writer spares the personal tragedies that come up in Paula McLain's novel. It is more the memory fragments of a world famous writer. So for readers of Ernest Hemingway quite an interesting read, I also found myself looking for the mentioned places on Google Maps.

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