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Hello my dears!

Have you enjoyed the summer and still enjoy it? Personally, I think it's a pity that it's already the last summer days. In principle, I'm also a fan of autumn, but this year I really enjoyed the summer and I could have more of it. I was at city festivals, sitting outside on my roof terrace, exploring my surroundings by bike, or hiking a bit. On my Instagram stories , I've always brought you live, so follow me if you want to be always up to date. On the way I was "only" for a few days in the south of France and looked at Avignon and Nice (see below).

Postcard from southern France

Avignon sights: behind me is the Pont d'Avignon / Pont St. Bénézet

Travel Update: My next trip is to ...

In September, a small trip to the Teutoburg Forest is back, where I am invited for the third year in a row to a research trip.

And in the fall, it is also back into the distance. For the first time I will enter a continent I have never been to: South America . For three weeks I will explore Peru, Bolivia and Chile . Who has been there and can give me travel tips? I'm currently a bit overwhelmed with what I should wrap up, because somehow is from desert to Andes with over 4,000m height everything there. Incidentally, I have a great movie tip for you for this region below!

Hike in the Spessart

I find it dramatic that the Amazon is currently burning. Although I will not travel to the Amazon region, I am very curious about the situation in each country and what the locals tell me about it. For those who are not yet aware of the consequences and scale: the Amazon is the largest rainforest on Earth, not only has incredible biodiversity, it also filters our air to breathe, absorbing CO2 and converting it into oxygen. The fires expel CO2, get into the atmosphere, it gets hotter, rain less often, the permafrost soils in Siberia melt faster. That's it roughly and briefly summarized. The Brazilian farmers are burning down the rainforest to create soybean agricultural land. Soy cows are fed in Europe to produce more meat. So you can help with your behavior to prevent this catastrophe from happening. Specifically, this means abandoning products that come from illegally burned rainforest. For example, I have been a vegetarian for 26 years and since then I've never been one of those who want to push my lifestyle down to the eye, but meanwhile the factory farming has become more and more perverted and the issue has now finally arrived in politics. That's why I'm doing it now on my blog on the topic. Because I like nature with all its diversity and I would like it to be a pity for future generations to inherit only a withered desert without air to breathe, garbage mixed with plastic waste. Incidentally, this also applies to native forests, which also suffer, which I noticed very much this summer and what shocked me downright. If you also find the topic important, you can currently join the WWF on an urgent petition:

WWF Express Apell for Amazon help

If you find it so bad that the Amazon burns and we humans, even in Germany, rob ourselves of our air to breathe, then you appeal to the Federal Government, so that they can work together for our air. The WWF promises to exert pressure on the federal government to strictly re-enforce the MERCOSUR trade agreement with Brazil, so that no products are marketed in Germany that exist only because illegal rainforest was destroyed. I have already given my vote for it, if you want to actively support it, here it goes to the online petition of the WWF (by the way, I do it regularly with petitions (eg against plastic consumption), for a better environment, because I love the world and the nature)

Sign here the urgent appeal of the WWF:>

but now for the actual topic of the month, the travel tips September 2019:

Travel Tips September 2019 on the road at home

Dates in September 2019

September 3: World Skyscraper Day

What is the most beautiful skyline in the world or the most beautiful skyscraper in the world for you? is it:

For me, the skyline of Shanghai is definitely the most beautiful. Here is also the second highest building in the world with the highest observation deck in the world. In just 52 seconds you stand at 600 meters altitude. It's just awesome. I was up in 2017 and the view is gigantic! Click on the link and you will come to my travelogue.

The most beautiful autumn destinations for traveling home

Where do you travel in the fall? Where to go with the rest leave? where is it still warm in autumn? Whether you are looking for a destination in Germany, Europe or the world , in this article I have written down the most beautiful autumn destinations for you. In it you will find only destinations that are particularly beautiful in the fall, possibly for outdoor activities such as hiking or countries where autumn is the best travel time. No matter if you want to extend the summer a bit and look for the beach and the sea or if you prefer mountains or the distance, this is the right autumn holiday destination for you:

Incidentally, you can find everything about travel planning travel essentials here:

Movie tip on Amazon Prime: Jungle

I just discovered this movie in the Prime Videotheque and it is really exciting. He also fits in well with my planned Peru-Bolivia trip . Jungle is a backpacker story that actually happened in the 1980s. Thomas Kretschmann and Daniel Radcliff play the leading roles. Yossi Ghinsberg is not in the mood for a law degree and is traveling as a backpacker through South America. On Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, he meets Marcus and Kevin, who accompany him from now on. In La Paz, the trio gets to know the prospector Karl, who convinces the three of them to travel through the unexplored jungle of Bolivia and to visit a Native American tribe that no one has ever seen before. The three, filled with the urge to adventure, follow the unknown into the deep, intricate jungles of Bolivia. Soon difficulties arise during the excursion. Marcus' feet are sore and you decide to continue your journey on a homemade raft. But Karl does not want to. The group separates and it comes as it has to come: The jungle excursion becomes a wild struggle for survival in which everyone is on their own. Yossi is fighting alone through the jungle, fighting jaguars and seeping into mud holes, will he ever find out of the green hell? Will the young backpackers survive the adventure? - After this movie, I'm quite happy that I'm leaving the Amazon during my Peru-Bolivia trip, the creeping and the jungle spill, that's not my world, but the movie is definitely exciting and beautiful shots of the jungle also there!

Series tip on Amazon Prime: Vineyard

And if we already talk about film tips, then I put you the super exciting series Weinberg to the heart. The series takes place in a German village in the so hidden Ahr valley . Filming location was the wine village Mayschoss , which I have already visited and presented to you here . The series is extremely exciting and a bit dark. It's about a man who has awakened in the vineyard, lost his memory and discovered next to him a body of a young girl, the wine queen. What dark secrets are hidden in the village? What do the villagers have to do with it and who is the strange stranger who can not remember who he is? German series are really better than their reputation, the series has dusted many prices, including the Grimme Award.
Vineyard - In the Mist of Silence *

Prime Membership *

Literary journey in September: At some point we will tell everything

1990, the turnaround is just over, but in the village in Thuringia near the German-German border, everything seems to be the same. There, the almost 17-year-old Marie lives with her friend Johannes on his parents' farm. She is less interested in the school, but the curious neighbor Henner casts a spell on her. She starts having an affair with the much older man. You could think of the story as a kind of Lolita story in the rural province of East Germany. But the >Forget Lolita, read this summer novel and summer will be a hot love affair!

New travel reports on the road at home in August:

at home: The most beautiful places in Rhineland-Palatinate

Fantastic view to the Spitznack and over the Rhine from the Loreley rock

Where are the most beautiful places in Rhineland-Palatinate that you absolutely should know and visit? The seventh largest state has much to offer, especially rivers, vineyards and castles. A beautiful destination for the fall as well:

Excursion destination at home: Dietesheim quarries

If you are looking for a destination around Frankfurt, you will find a beautiful recreational area east of Frankfurt near the Dietesheim quarries.

on the way in southern France

Avignon sights: behind me is the Pont d'Avignon / Pont St. Bénézet

The summer in southern France is really as beautiful as in one of the cheesy films in the ZDF media library. Blossoming lavender fields in Provence, musical festivities on the old town streets and abundant culture in Avignon and savoir vivre and laissez-faire on the blue Cote d'Azur in Nice.

In Avignon, on behalf of the French Tourist Office, I dedicated myself entirely to design and culture, in Nice I tested the best rooftop bars and restaurants and of course visited all the other highlights of the two top destinations in the south of France for you and also on my blog presented:

Sri Lanka trip

My complete Sri Lanka trip with all destinations is blocked. You will find information about travel planning, the visa and my complete itinerary for later travel. Also a detailed travelogue to every place I visited. My itinerary includes all Sri Lanka highlights for 2 weeks.

Find the right trips: offers

These were all updates from July August from my side. In the autumn more is traveled and therefore you can look forward to exciting travel reports. Where is your next trip going? In your opinion, which region in Germany should I visit and present on the blog? Write it in the comments.

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