Shanghai Baby - what the most modern city of China has to offer

The most beautiful Shanghai sights and highlights that you should not miss when you visit China's most modern city can be found in this article. Our bus through the skyscraper jungle of Shanghai, a jumble of intersections, street canyons and traffic. As we battle our rush-hour traffic, hundreds of skyscrapers pass us. Shanghai. The […]

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At the fishermen in Xixi Wetland National Park in Hangzhou

Only five kilometers outside the Hangzhou megacity, southwest of Shanghai, we encounter an original image of China. Green valleys as far as you can see stretch out in front of our eyes in the hills, where the world-famous dragon fountain tea grows, of which I have already reported in my last article on the highlights of Hangzhou. Another worthwhile trip is the Xixi Wetland [...]

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Apply for a visa for China - how it works! Instructions for entering China as a tourist

German citizens need a visa to travel to China. How to apply for the visa for China, what information and documents you need, which consulates of the PRC are responsible for you and all the information about applying for a tourist visa to China can be found here. Do I even need a visa for China? To [...]

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