Visit Bangkok Temple: Wat Arun - Wat Pho - Wat Phra Kaeo

If you visit Bangkok, you will not pass the temples of the city (Wat = Temple). The Bangkok temples are among the most important and most visited attractions of the Thai capital and also show the most important cultural treasures of Thailand. The three main temples of Bangkok are the Wat Arun - the temple of the dawn on the left bank of Chao Praya [...]

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A boat tour through the Klongs of Thonburi in Bangkok - as Bangkok once was

Bangkok is a swamp. A juggernaut, a mega city, but actually created from a wetland. And as you walk along Chao Praya, the city's broad brown lifeline, you think you still have the marshy tropical smell in your nose. If you want to take a boat trip through the klongs of Thonburi in Bangkok [...]

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One night in Bangkok - on the Lebua Skybar in the Lebua State Tower

The best and one of the highest skybars in the world is the Lebua Skybar in Bangkok - known from Hangover 2. And to be honest, there's hardly a more stylish place for a hangover.

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