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Dear Ones, I am already very fidgety: my South America journey is getting closer and closer. It starts in October: from Frankfurt to Lima and across the desert to the Andes and into the Sacred Valley of the Inca . Once in a lifetime I wanted to see Macchu Picchu , now the time is right, I thought. And if Macchu Picchu, then on the world famous Inca Trail. Via Lake Titicaca we head over to Bolivia and La Paz. There is the Camino de la muerte - the road of death - a mountain bike downhill tour over 3,350 vertical meters along a steep ridge - who has done that before? Should I dare this? It would appeal to me already, but I have already fallen a few times downhill bad on the nose. From La Paz we will cross the Salar de Uyuni , the largest salt lake in the world, to the Atacama Desert in Chile . From Santiago de Chile I fly back to Frankfurt after 24 days. That's the plan. The route and the distances are awesome. I am still working on my packing list, which presents me with great challenges, because what do I pack for all climate zones? At night it gets very cold in the Andes and the desert and the houses have no heating ... And how will my body react to the altitude? All questions that have been in my head for days or weeks. It's time to get started, to stop the thought carousel. Do you always go crazy before a trip? Although I've traveled a lot, I feel like it gets worse with every trip.

Postcard from the Teutoburg Forest

In September I was traveling again within Germany. In the Teutoburg Forest, I explored the Paderborn country on a small e-bike tour and hiked along the river Weser in the Kalletal valley. In between, I visited the cities of Herford and Detmold and relaxed in the spa Bad Driburg . I will finish the report on that before my trip to South America (that's the plan).

In addition, I visited the pumpkin exhibition and the fairy tale garden in the Blooming Baroque Ludwigsburg with my nephews and made with mother again a convertible exit along the Neckar to the rock gardens and the castle Stettenfels (mother's favorite place for good cake). All this you could follow live on my Instagram stories. If you always want to be up to date, follow me on Instagram , where I post more live coverage.

Now there are my October travel tips for traveling home.

Thomas Cook and Tour Vital have filed for bankruptcy

I hope you are not affected by the big Thomas Cook bankruptcy. (Thomas Cook also includes companies such as: Neckermann Reisen, Öger Tours and Bucher Reisen). Fortunately, the German airline Condor was first rescued with a bridging loan. But after Thomas Cook also Tour Vital followed in the bankruptcy (formerly also belonged to Thomas Cook). That's a real shock that hit us there in September. Let's see how it goes now in the tourism industry. Package tours are usually covered by the organizer by insurance, but it is questionable whether the funds are sufficient for all customers. If you have booked flights and hotels separately, unfortunately, it will probably be at your expense.

Travel Tips October 2019: Appointments in October

3rd October: Day of German Unity

October 6th: Thanksgiving, maybe you're going to a pumpkin exhibition. The in Blooming Baroque in Ludwigsburg shows pumpkin art figures from fairy tales like Gandalf, the Froschkönig or Peter Pan.

October 27: End of summer time, change clocks

October 31: Reformation Day (in some federal states holiday)

Travel Tips October 2019 on the road at home

At this point, I will once again draw attention to my article with the most beautiful autumn destinations for traveling home:

Travel Tips October 2019 on the go

The most beautiful destinations in autumn

Mountains or sea? City trip or long-distance travel? Sun / beach or adventure? In my article about the most beautiful autumn destinations you will find long-distance travel, travel destinations in Europe or at home in Germany for every taste.

A trip to Jerusalem

How about a trip to Jerusalem? Explore the Holy City of all three monotheistic world religions and take a round trip through Israel or a spa holiday on the Dead Sea? In my Israel travel tips you will find all the information for your trip.

Cyprus differently

Do you know the romantic mountain villages in the hinterland of Cyprus? Here time has stopped. Vineyards, olive groves, small mountain chapels or richly decorated village churches in the mountains and archaeological finds from the times of the Romans and ancient Greeks in the archaeological park Paphos and in addition a mild Mediterranean climate. In Cyprus you can still swim in the sea. Aphrodite here was born out of meerschaum.

Find the right trips: offers

Incidentally, you can find everything about travel planning travel essentials here:

Travel Tips October 2019: The most beautiful destination for the home

In these articles you will find a lot of inspiration for excursion destinations, as well as current updates:

The most beautiful destinations in Hesse

Hesse: Seligenstadt

Where are the most beautiful places in Hesse and the most rewarding destinations? Read it in my article

Attractions Baden-Württemberg

Where is Baden-Württemberg the most beautiful? learn it here:

Excursions in Rhineland-Palatinate

Movie tip on Amazon Prime: Backcounty - Merciless Wilderness

the cover says: "a hell of a trip" and "you'll never go camping again". In fact, after this movie, I do not think I could ever sleep alone in the dark in a tent, in the middle of the wilderness, without thinking of those movie scenes (apart from the fact that I probably would not even without this movie could). The film is terribly scary and although he gets along with relatively simple means. It is based on a true story, which I always find the best, because life writes the best or tragic stories and it admonishes the outdoor freak in us, but rather be a little more careful, the next trip. Couples Alex and Jenn want to spend a romantic weekend in the wilderness of Canada. With a canoe, they sail across the lake to hike from there into the woods. Jenn does not feel like this trip, but Alex persuades her. But already at the beginning some things go awry, first Alex drops the canoe on the toe, then they meet a strange stranger and finally Alex got lost too. Stress is inevitable. The horror movie received several awards.

It reminded me very much of the novel Herz auf Eis, * which I have already recommended to you, similar story, different location, but the important questions of life are dealt with so forcefully by the novel that it runs down one's back coldly.

Literary journey through Germany

This beautiful illustrated book from Merian: I can highly recommend a trip through Germany. The illustrated book not only shows beautiful photos of the most beautiful places in Germany, but also always tells a little story about it and gives the facts about the places. Above all, he is one thing: an inspiration for getting to know one's own country better. If you want inspiration for the next trip through Germany, I recommend this beautiful illustrated book. Is also a great gift for someone who likes to travel in Germany.

New travel reports on the road at home in September

Travel only with hand luggage: hand luggage packing list

What belongs in the hand luggage? What do I have to consider when traveling with hand luggage? From the luggage size to liquids and there is a hand luggage packing list.

Road trip through the romantic Neckar valley

Between vineyards, Neckar and castles, one of the most beautiful roads in Germany leads along. On the castle road between Bad Wimpfen and Heidelberg on the way:

These were my travel tips October 2019 for traveling home. I hope you could find some tips and travel inspiration for you again. If not, just browse a bit through my blog. I'm very happy if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, especially on Instagram I post regularly live reports on the way at home and you will learn something more about me. If you still have tips or suggestions for my trip to South America for me, I'm glad too. Write me in the comments. In any case, I wish you a great October, wherever your ways will lead you. Have a good time!

Your Nicole

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