nd plötzlich war mein Geld weg. And suddenly my money was gone. I thought that would never happen to me. After all, my mother always told me to take care of my belongings since my early childhood. I've never lost money or been robbed. Up to the time when I was traveling all alone mother in Thailand. I was stolen my wallet and Iphone on vacation. Already on the third day of my trip it happened to me and 3 weeks were still in front of me. I was still jet lag injured in the bus fell asleep and I was a bag with Iphone in it and purse stolen from the backpack. Without money abroad, is pretty much the stupidest thing you can imagine. One feels helpless and small like a child. You can not buy anything anymore, no water, no ticket, nothing to eat. Money away on vacation - what can you do if you are stealing money on holiday? Here's an emergency plan for the worst case traveling - I'll give you tips on how to recover money in the event of theft or loss:

Money away on vacation: keep calm

Unfortunately, panicking does not help you at all and you should definitely keep calm in order to be able to think clearly. Search again everywhere, if you've just lost your money and your cards somewhere and think about when you last saw and used them. Act immediately and do not waste time with the next steps.

Money away on vacation: ask someone for first aid

If anyone can borrow money for this emergency, so you can buy the most necessary. This is scrounging and unpleasant. But you do not want to give any money, you will give it back, so it's just borrowing. Fortunately, I did not have to ask, someone borrowed money from me. This is very friendly and it helped me first to come to my hotel and take care of the further steps there. Just say that you will transfer the money back and pass on your contact information and address. Of course, you also transfer the money back as soon as you are liquid again and thank you for the help. Yes, of course.

Money away on vacation: Credit cards and mobile phone card lock

In the best case, you have written down the emergency number to block your cards. Otherwise, you will also find them on the websites of your bank or your telephone provider. If you know your account number and have access to your online banking, you can usually lock the card directly there and apply for new cards at the same time.

Emergency telephone number from abroad to block the credit cards: 0049/30 40504050.

Emergency numbers to lock the mobile phone SIM card:

  • T-Mobile: 0049/800 3302202
  • Vodafone: 0049/172 1212
  • E-Plus: 0049/177 1771000
  • Base: 0049/89 96160231
  • O2: 0049/179 55222
  • Congstar: 0049/30 40504050

Money away on vacation: have spare credit cards sent abroad

Some financial institutions such as DKB-Cash * offer to have a replacement credit card also sent abroad. Usually this is associated with high fees. Here again shows that the account of the DKB is really worthwhile. As an active customer (monthly receipt over 700 euros) you get a replacement card sent free on vacation and fast cash. If you are not an active customer, you have to pay € 180 for it at the DKB - this is only worth it if you are traveling longer and can not do without your credit cards.

to DKB-Cash account opening *
* (cash withdraw and pay for free worldwide)

Here you will find the best free travel credit cards in the foreign test

Money away on vacation: contact family or friends at home

Of course, it's not nice to call home and say you've been robbed and all the money is gone. If you are traveling alone, you can ask someone if you are allowed to use the phone or the internet. Most hotels like to help out here, at least with internet. Since I still had my Macbook with me, I was able to log in the hotel immediately on the Internet. I contacted my mother via Facebook. My brother then immediately blocked my credit cards and my cell phone SIM card by phone at my banks and has transferred directly new money. It went like this:

Money away on vacation: send money with money transfer service providers

He transferred money to me from home via the money transfer service Western Union . For this he has received a transaction number, which he has forwarded to me. With this transaction number, I went to a nearest bank branch (with the Western Union sign) and was able to accept the money against naming the transaction number, the address of the money sender and the presentation of my passport. At Western Union you can usually get the money within an hour. The money transfer with MoneyGram works in a similar way, but has slightly fewer partner branches abroad. Of course you pay fees for this service: at Western Union they are higher than at MoneyGram. You have cash relatively quickly throughout the world. Example: at 500 euro cash transfer to Thailand the transmitter at Western Union 19.90 euros charged to transaction fees, at MoneyGram it is significantly less, with another provider Azimo is only 2.99 euros. Although Western Union is the best-known supplier, it is also the most expensive, but what else is left in need? The German Embassy recommended me Western Union and recommends this on their websites. In addition to Western Union, and MoneyGram advertises the money transfer service Azimo with the lowest fees. The amount of the fees should not be your only criterion, it depends mainly on how fast the money is available to you in a partner branch abroad and if you can quickly find a partner branch in the place where you are currently located , Money transfer services unfortunately only work if you still have your passport . Should he be gone too, it will be very difficult. But there is still the next possibility.

This is how the money transfer works with Western Union

(press the logo to learn more)

  • withdraw money from 500,000 locations worldwide
  • Service is available around the clock
  • supposedly have cash available within 1 hour
  • Transfer fee per person: 1,000 euros within 12 months
  • Pick up abroad at bank branches with WU mark, on presentation of the passport and transaction number
  • The money sender charges will be charged on immediate transfer with cash payment

Click here for Western Union Transfer Money Online.

here it goes to MoneyGram

Money away on vacation: pay with mobile payment services

With the mobile payment service PayPal you can pay more and more often abroad (usually even more often than in Germany, where you do not like that). For example, many accommodations accept PayPal payments, especially if you declare that all your money is gone. If you've previously set up an account with PayPal and verified it with an account, not just a credit card. If you have deposited money into the account, you can pay in many places. If you do not have credit on your PayPal account, your account will be debited by direct debit. This is actually a very simple and uncomplicated variant. The fees for transactions depend on country and currency.

How to send money with PayPal

  • Set up PayPal account
  • Enter the recipient's e-mail address. Finished. Money is sent to recipients.
  • Send money in euros within the EU is free
  • Money in other currencies inside and outside the EU costs fees, depending on country and currency

here it goes to PayPal

What to do if ID cards were stolen in addition to cash and credit cards?

In my case, all my wallet and my iphone were stolen. Of course I had everything in my wallet, what you have in it. Since I was of the opinion that I would never be robbed in life, of course I have made no other arrangements, that made copies of documents or driver's license left at home. Thus, all my identity documents were also gone. In this case, it is important that you report to the local police.

  1. Report to the local police

Even if it is annoying and takes several hours. You should definitely report to the police and give you a written confirmation stamped by the police. Why?

  • the confirmation of the foreign authorities is important, so that you can apply for new identity documents such as identity card, passport and driving license in Germany. It proves that the documents were really stolen.
  • If identity documents are stolen, this is not only annoying, there is also the risk of identity theft . If you report the theft, it is clear that the documents were stolen from you. If a thief commits a crime with your identity, goes on a shopping spree, or clears your account, you can prove that it was not you. And banks and insurance companies settle the damage only if a police proof of the theft is provided.
  • In any case, you must also report to the police and the police in Germany to get new identification documents. In this case, you will also need to provide confirmation from the foreign police department.
  • If you have baggage insurance or if your home insurance applies, you will also need confirmation from the foreign police about the theft.

2. Report to the police in Germany

  • If identity card, passport or driving license are stolen, you have to go to the police in Germany in any case and this is always the case. This is also for your own protection, in case of identity theft. The documents are then advertised for investigation within the Schengen area. That is, anyone should seize your identity, it will at least be noticed in the Schengen area and you can not be proven an offense.

Ausweisdokumente getohlen wurden? What to do if cash, credit cards and all identity documents are thrown?

That's the absolute worst case. In my case, I was lucky that I still had my passport and was able to receive the money at the bank counter and continue my journey as planned. If not only the money is gone, but also all documents of identification, only the passage to the German embassy in the respective country helps. The Federal Foreign Office has over 227 diplomatic missions around the world.

Here you will find a country overview, where there is a message in the respective country.

The German Embassy helps with the procurement of papers

The German Embassy can issue you a replacement passport with which you can travel back to Germany. If you are traveling longer and want to travel to other countries, the Embassy must first obtain the authorization to apply to the authority of your place of residence. This takes much longer. Lt. Embassy takes the processing time between 1 and 10 days. Probably working days. In any case, you have to appear in person at the embassy.

Incidentally, the German Embassy may not pay any hotel bills. With cash, it helps only in the worst case, which probably does not count the theft of credit cards. And if so, then everything has to be repaid.

You will need the following to apply for a new or replacement travel pass:

  • 2 biometric photographs for the passports
  • Police protocol confirming the theft
  • if possible an identification document as proof of identity

Money away on vacation - how do I survive?

Of course, as you wait for your new passport at the embassy, ​​there is only one question to ask: How do I survive without money? Where do I sleep? Here are some tips for emergencies:

  • Couchsurfing: On the platform you will find people who will let you sleep in their apartment for free. This was created to get to know a foreign culture as cheaply as possible and to be as close as possible to the life of the local population. The platform is well received worldwide and in this situation it has the advantage that you are not alone and quickly get to know people who might be able to help you. Join couch surfing *
  • stay in the monastery: a Thai gave me the tip to stay in a monastery. In Thailand, there are certain meditation centers in monasteries where you can sleep and eat. It usually costs money, but he said that if I said what happened, it would cost nothing. Possibly. This can also be a cheap option for an overnight stay. Maybe there is the possibility also elsewhere eg in church institutions.

What you can do before you travel so that you can get ahead faster in the event of a theft:

  • Copies of all identity documents

I always got a mess there. But now I will also make copies of my identity documents, email them to me before the trip and / or save them in the cloud, such as Dropbox, so that I can access them from any location at any time. The copies help you to clarify your identity faster in case of loss.

  • Write down the emergency number of your banking institution

either by copy to your e-mail address or write down in any case in a notebook.

  • Write down the IMEI number of your mobile phone

) findest du unter dem Akku, auf der Rückseite oder am Sim-Kartenfach. The 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) number can be found under the battery, on the back, or on the SIM card slot. It also stands on the original packaging, if you still have them. Note this number separately before the trip. With this number, you can prove that you are the owner of your phone. You also have to enter this number in the police report.

  • Keep important documents and cards at home if you do not need them

Before traveling, clean your wallet thoroughly and leave everything you do not need at home. For example, I would not have needed the license and would have preferred to stay at home. Applying for a new driver's license is mega complicated. Likewise my train card or bonus cards. I would take the identity card anyway. But make sure that it is always stored safely and may not keep in the same place as the passport.

  • Write down important telephone numbers and addresses of your contacts at home

Important telephone numbers of contacts at home you should always have with you. Best not only stored on the phone, because there they are quickly gone as in my case. I always have my notebook with me. Even better, save everything in the email inbox or in the cloud, such as Dropbox.

  • Set up PayPal account for emergencies

Why did you learn now? Send your e-mail link to your relatives (the e-mail link is quasi, the address where the sender sends the money works like an account number, just a lot easier).

Money away on vacation: Does the insurance pay for theft or loss on vacation?

If your phone, your money, and your valuables are stolen on vacation, you should definitely report that to you. Because in some cases, the insurance pays. A call to your insurance does not hurt.

Luggage insurance

Have you taken out a baggage insurance (often included with credit cards)? Then you are lucky and with proof of foreign police authorities, the damage may be replaced. Immediately inform your insurance company about the loss or theft and try to submit as much evidence as possible or secure it on site. I have no baggage insurance.


The household insurance pays the damage, possibly even if, for example, money was stolen from the hotel room or hotel safe. However, you also have to provide proof of the police and prove the theft. For example, if you leave carelessly jewelery in the hotel or expensive camera equipment, it will be difficult, because you have the duty to take care of your belongings (also applies to the luggage insurance). In any case, inquire whether the insurance company can possibly take over the damage. In my case, the money was stolen from my backpack during the bus ride, so this was not a case for home contents insurance because the incident happened on the way.

How do you protect yourself against theft on vacation?

From experience you will be smart. Hake this stupid event as a life experience and learn how to protect yourself against theft on vacation for your next trip. Here are a few tips that I have to consider myself for the next trip:

  • Passport, valuables and booking confirmations always leave in the hotel safe
  • Always keep identification documents in different places when you are on the move (eg carry identity card in purse on body)
  • Carry valuables on the body , preferably under the clothes, here has proven in many acquaintances a pouch
  • Never leave your valuables and camera out of sight, it is best to wear everything under your clothes
  • It is best to protect the body area with your arms , as there are often thieves on the move in crowds, which also quickly cut through belt bags. In Bangkok or Barcelona this happens frequently. Normally I always have my hand directly on the closure of my bag when I am in crowds or, for example, at home in Frankfurt on the escalator.
  • Hide your money in different places , eg between dirty laundry, in a sock or under a sneaker sole
  • take an old purse with you, possibly even two purses to split the money

Protect your valuables when traveling with these handy bags:

I hope you help these tips quickly. Have you ever been in such a situation? How did you continue to help? Each tip helps others. Just write it in the comments!

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